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  1. Relax. I'm a liar. Your screen shot already tells a story. Look at your build options? Your men is below your tanks. That fact alone already shows you lost your barracks at one point. The SS shows your weak expand. It seems like you struggled to get to the middle. You D/Ced when no laser or disr was shooting. I'm not even going to continue with you.
  2. I know it's fairly popular to accuse TRZ of cheating because of his rumored past, but any game I've ever played I've gotten points even if they d/c. That being said, the 100s of games ive played with TRZ on the new server I've never seen him d/c, even when he took the beating I gave him on the ladder yesterday on Terrace and Dueling Islands. He may sometimes be a poor sport and rage, but I've never seen him d/c to avoid a loss. Well said! I don't think he d/ced to 'avoid' losing points, but for the fact of losing. He doesn't want the other 'party' to think they won. So he d/ced me claiming saying "I(wolfhound) won the game anyways". So it sums up to d/cing like the game never completed and none can hold account on who won or not. One day I hope that this individual or anyone would just say "GG". No need to make excuses. It's just a game. He wins or loses, doesn't matter to me. The point is to have fun
  3. What happens when someone disconnects from a game while they're losing? Do I press cancel as well? Wolfhound d/ced me during a game and was clearly losing. Has he lost a game vs anyone else and d/ced? And makes countless excuses claiming he was winning? This isn't acceptable He posted a SS. But forgot one main thing. I was already near middle and already pounding his defenseless base.
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