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    New colours will be cool but if I see black I won't be logging into ts again (no offence Jman) but it won't be beneficial in shroud etc.
  2. Firstly Jman don't mention that you have beaten me my login is spawn2k or Davo on the ladder. And from what I remember u refused to play me 1on1 and left my lobby when you realised it was me. The other logins were sexpro gaining points to remove kaiZen from the number 1 spot. The ladders cool but I can't wait for the clan ladder . Be so much fun to create strategys although I can't see there being much activity in it with cretins like Jman and corps thinking they rule the roost. A homo and African having their say just shows the world we live in now Bait deployed
  3. as the login for the tourny is now web based, how long until we can create clan + add members, and then play tourny games? oh and kaizen is rank 1, lol, and unwilling to play anyone decent (check his stats) - but i dont suppose there is a way around this, until there is more activity on the ladder and he will just sit in 5th place, with 100 wins and 0 losses like in the old days? as he will be beating players with no points...?
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