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  1. Funky why you so mad fam? Is it because i beat you at FFA arena? I'll give you a rematch if you unban
  2. Plz unban I will not troll the moderators anymore :puppydog: <3333 come on funky, plz, i'll give you a kissy
  3. How long am I banned master FunkyFr3sh? =)
  4. Wow I just got kicked for using too many caps. Wtf?
  5. @Nyerguds I understand. Thanks for clearing that up.
  6. By idiots I mean't overly emotional people that get easily offended or people that have been brainwashed to think some words are really bad. By good players I mean people that log on almost everyday, they might be very discouraged by permanent bans. Anyways it's nice to know that the lobby rules weren't CnCNet's choice directly. "Btw, I was more mature than you even when I was 13." That doesn't sound very legitimate when you're crying in a corner :/
  7. Yeah you also sound like the type of person that would run to a corner crying after an insult. I can see why you would be part of the CnCnet cry baby team. When you impose such restrictions you're just degrading the experience of the good players and favoring that of the players that shouldn't be there, the idiots and the players under 13 years of age. Unless the CnCnet team is profiting from the players somehow, then the favoring of stupid people and the addition of such childish rules is just a bad reflection of CnCnet. Sorry if you got offended by any of this (which you did.)
  8. Why the strict lobby rules? If players don't want to hear certain things then they can filter bad language or "ignore" other players. The lobby creator has the mentality of a 3rd grader, they're probably the type of person that would run off crying the moment anyone called them a mean name. Furthermore, why does this forum not have a crying emoji?
  9. I see that some people are able to do it in some games, but idk why some can't choose a starter location in any game.
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