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  1. You are comparing apples and oranges. WOL and XWIS also allowed you to choose the players you would play in the ladder. CNC net made a point to change the rules of the ladder to intentionally be different. The whole point of introducing random assignment of matches is to introduce a more fair and balanced system. It is 100% ladder manipulation when you use one log in to get matched randomly with someone then immediately log off and log back in under a different login if you know you will likely win to boost the record/pts of one account. Its also ladder manipulation to use one login until the ladder no longer awards points for playing the same user over and over then switching logins so you can still take points from the opposing account. I never said I would beat Mola or anything of my record for him. I come online and play for 2 weeks every 5-10 weeks. I wouldn't expect to beat people who constantly play especially someone who is good at the game. If you are allowed to register numerous accounts with the same email then I concede that it doesn't matter but truthfully it seems idiotic they would do that as it defeats the purpose of random matching. Oh well.
  2. Are there any checks, besides email, to identify users with multiple accounts on the ladder? I am fairly sure i am playing the same user on 3-4 different ladder accounts which is obviously ladder manipulation and should be prevented. Thanks,
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the information and quick response. I think a lot of these new features are great; i am just an old dog who isn't ready for a new trick, or at least that one, quite yet. It may be a nice feature (potentially not worth the effort to implement) to have various "profiles" available through the CNC net client where one can easily toggle between new/old keyboard setups. It could be useful to be able to create/export/import a new profile as well for configurations that one enjoys.
  4. Hi, I love the bug fixes that have been done and some of the other alterations that have been made to the game; however, I am not a fan of the change to how you set a way point out out of a building. Is there an option to disable this change so that the user must explicitly use alt to set a building way point? Thanks
  5. avan

    G Line

    Thanks for following up Grant. The ban was just temporary and seemed to be lifted an hour later.
  6. avan

    G Line

    Hi, It seems that a g line is in effect that is blocking me from logging in to any of the game surge servers. Do you guys have any way of determining why? This is an example of one of the errors - ( [12:23 PM] * ERROR :Closing Link: avan by Prothid.NY.US.GameSurge.net (G-lined) ( [12:23 PM] * Connection lost - Attempting to Reconnect... ( [12:23 PM] * Connection lost - Attempting to Reconnect... *Edit I found a utility on the game surge website that "tells you why"- 1 G-line found for your host. Expires: 01/08/2017 01:09:29 PM EST Reason: AUTO Your IP address has been listed at EFnet RBL. Please use http://rbl.efnetrbl.org/?network=GameSurge&i= to get the listing removed. But then efnetrbl says my ip was not found active in the database. Bans set on specific IRC servers are outside our control, so please contact the server/network staff directly for immediate ban removal. Thanks,
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