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  1. So I updated it to where I took the SAM sites off the cliff edges (so the Southern bases can now have air units within their own air spaces. I took some Tiberium out so infantry can move throughout the map without getting attacked by the AGT's. Also, the AI would be really aggressive, so I set that prod trigger to activate after 150 time units as this gives the player enough time to take out the AGT's and secure the area before the AI starts to go after the most northwestern player. I don't know if you want me to attach the files again, but I am going to anyways just in case. scm190ea.ini scm190ea.bin
  2. Just an extra AA measure...that was before I put the 30+ SAM sites
  3. Hey guys! This is my first map I am releasing to the public. I am working on a series of multiplayer maps that involve AI elements that can heavily effect the outcome of the game. For instance, this map I entitled King of the Hill. Now, I am not too creative with names, so this can be changed if there already is a king of the hill. Anyways, the general concept is if you control the middle, then you have a significant advantage. In this case, the middle features a War Factory, Airstrip, and 16 SAM sites to protect them from aerial assaults. If the player were to secure this area, not only would they gain an extra vehicle producing structure of their own faction, but also gain one from the other faction, allowing GDI to bike rush, or Nod to build Medium tanks. If the player holds the area long enough, they can build defenses of their own such as AGT's or Obelisks. Now, if the any of the structures are destroyed, they will be rebuilt fairly quickly (especially the SAM Sites). I also made three different entrances to each player's base to give the harvesters a safe route to the tiberium, and to allow for a little more strategy when building defenses for/attacking a base. I also have the production trigger enabled for the AI, and in my tests, they have either made two harvesters that try to run over infantry, or a flame tank, but they have also done absolutely nothing as well. Just another spice I thought I would add to the mix. This is what I would consider a tighter map, as I am not a fan of those wide open maps. This also is a map that features a significant amount of tiberium. Because of the size of the battlefield, this requires player to secure and protect their tiberium fields (especially in a three for all or a 2v2 or a 4p free for all). I do sometimes like playing those maps with massive tiberium fields (especially as GDI) but I do also like to play the maps that involve much more strategy, so I tried to employ both concepts into this map. Also, I tried to make this an objective based map that grants a significant bonus to the player that controls the objective. Also, as you can see, there are two AGT's that should stop players from immediately rushing in with a lone engineer and should at least force players to have to build a WF/Airstrip before they can secure said area. These AGT's will not rebuild once destroyed. Now, I can critique this map and probably point out a couple of flaws. For instance, I think this is a map that favors Nod, due to how quickly they can pump out buggies and bikes. I also feel that there may not be enough space to build a base due to the amount of foliage, and that can be changed if you guys feel it necessary. This map also may be a little too tight due to the foliage, but like I said, that can also be changed. I just like to make my maps somewhat visually appealing to the eye rather than the plain wide open maps with infinite amounts of tiberium. I also feel that this map will only have short matches, I just don't see a map like this where the match will exceed fifteen to twenty minutes, given how aggressive this map requires you to be. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Hope you guys check it out! scm190ea.ini scm190ea.bin
  4. I got it fixed, I just had to put all of the structures on the map, which meant to expand the height of the map.
  5. So, I am making a multiplayer map in which there is a WF, Airstrip, and 16 SAMs owned by neutral (the purpose is for players to cap and battle over the WF and Airstrip). I have the neutral AI set to replace all 18 structures (just to keep the conflict over the middle going), and I gave them 99,999 credits, the production trigger, 9 advanced power plants off the map, one construction yard off the map, and the necessary building prerequisites. Unfortunately, after several tests, it seems that whenever the AI starts to build or place down a building, the game crashes. My initial thought is if the AI can even do such a thing on multiplayer maps? I tried changing the house of the AI to Multi6 and the game would immediately crash as soon as I attacked. I also changed the house to special and goodguy, and nothing would happen. If that's not possible, is there anyway to rewrite the rules and possibly make the those structures indestructible? Also, if the AI can indeed perform this function on multiplayer maps, then can I change how fast their build times are? I wouldn't think there is a file like Rules.ini for this game, but it's worth a shot I suppose.
  6. So, I am trying to test out my multiplayer map, but I can't seem to figure out how to test it (I need to test it because I am adding some flare to the map. Before you ask, yes, I saved it correctly and all of the files are in the directory. I tried looking for this thread in the forums, but I couldn't find it...then again I was only glancing. Thanks!
  7. I know on one of my computers, I had to completely turn DDraw off for it to work. Not the same error message but fiddle around with the settings in the CCConfig application in your C&C95 folder. That's also how you adjust your resolution!
  8. So after some tinkering, I seemed to have concluded that size matters...with regards to teamtypes. Now, I know that might not be true, considering it doesn't make a lot of sense, but after dividing one of my teams into two smaller teams working under the same parameters, it seemed to work out just fine. Was my team too big? I'm not too sure, but the map editor seemed to think so, and it ruined the map. Two smaller teams made the map happy again. Innuendo is fun. Thanks guys for your input, because now i have what appears to be a fully functioning single player map! Still have to make a lot of balancing tweaks to it, but as far as the technical aspect goes, everything works just fine. We should play some TD some time! I've taken some notes from your vids Matt, and I killed the first two guys i played.
  9. this is the error i get in-game, and it seems to happen when one of my triggers activates, about 200 time units in.
  10. So now I have a new issue: I got the teams to work and now they are happily attacking my base with full force. The goodguy to multi-house discussion seemed exactly to be the issue However, crashes are starting to happen. It won't even let me save. Here is the error message I am getting. I will try to post the other error message I get when it crashes in-game without saving.
  11. I looked the INI over, and everything seems right, but what of the INI do you want to see? I think the issue is the technology aspect, as it was just pointed out that goodguy will not be able to make light tanks. I have provided a screen of the base, and everything to my knowledge belongs to goodguy. So even if goodguy met the technological requirements (airstrip, hand of nod, etc.), he can't make nod vehicles? Im going to try to make a multihouse to see how that works.
  12. And like I said before, I played around with just about all of the numbers, including the number of teams. I tried putting it at 0, 1, to 50+, but still nothing doing.
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