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  1. soviet vs allied                yuri vs soviet             yuri vs allied

    soviet wins 52%              yuri wins 57%            yuri wins 65%

    thought would be interesting. And It is related to the yuri balance patch.


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  2. I would like to thank the entire Cncnet team for making, updating, and maintaing this amazing platform. As well as the community for maintaining, and increasing the interest in these classic  C&C games.  The progress you have made is very, very impressive. Streamlined client, ladder, rising number of active players... all very significant. I never though I would be able to play yuri's revenge against real people. Thanks for keeping these games alive. Major props.

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  3. 1. Losing one unit or building results in immediate loss.

    Would make dog scouting risky, would put massive emphasis on micro, would make infantry unappealing. I wonder what the ideal tactic would be under such rules.

    2. Losing one tank, boat, aircraft, or building results in a loss.

    Would put emphasis on defense, and people would think twice before making tanks. Again, would put more emphasise on micro.

    3. At the start of the game each player would start with one technician along with his/her mcv. And the death of this technician results in an immediate loss.

    I think this would create some interesting tactics, and a new dimension to the game. Predicted strategies include hiding the technician inside of troop transports, ifv's, bio reactors etc. Or playing the 3 cup sea sea shell game with flack tracks.

    4. Losing a miner results in a instant loss.

    This would make a game with emphasis on defending ore fields. And might result in game play similar to dune, where harvesting is of utmost importance.

    These are ideas that I think would be cool to implement on a final alert 2 map or new game mode. If anyone would know how to put these rules into effect on a final alert 2 map. I would care to know. Criticism and discussion are welcome.😀

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  4. Hey, wanna hear you're opinion on different building options and allied player has when facing a soviet in a 1vs1. For instance would you recommend trying to kick out more miners at the beggining, then your opponent, on medium and small maps? Because I sometimes get caught off gaurd and overwhelmed due to tank build speed. Also, what is your opinion on ggi ifv's because I find them very strong in combo with the ctrl+shift tactic. However this is offset by the drawback of having to manually send the ggi inside. I have more questions/topics, but i'm gonna stop at this for now.


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  5. if the thought of man was unseen by those who couldent know the thought where would the meaning of life be unseen by the thinkers who couldent unravel thought about thought which is what those of the chosen path know to be true that your being of unknownness is what is the thought of the son of god.

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