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  1. Hi, I'm trying to build a map where the AI starts with a massive base and they build armies of units in the same sort of way a human opponent would. Getting the AI to build units is easy but i need to know how to get the AI to rebuild the structures it starts with if they are destroyed. I have placed the structure on the map and set up a simple trigger to change the house of those structure to player 3 (AI) when the game starts. When double clicking the structures i can change the rebuild option to 1 but it doesn't do anything. Is there any way of getting the AI to rebuild stuff other than what it builds itself in the first place?? Thanks
  2. Give "Tib-ed" a try - http://www.tibed.net/ Makes basic INI editing easy. When saving your changes, make sure you select "save to map" or you might end up modding the whole game, thus breaking your ability to play online.
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