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  1. I do give a shit WeaponX you can spend you whole life playing you sportsmanship game and be well respected player.. Well beyond is players who spare his live teaching others the skills they have help others climb the ladder in matter of fact you haven't reaced that point sadly.

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  2. What's going on why is A3H-Hitman being humiliated.... and even one of them is [NME]

    He is one of my 1st mentors when I learned to play as GDI.
    Is there a reason for this or does this community reaced ZERO tollorance!


  3. Sky's S.T.A.R.S Tower Defence

    (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad)

    S.T.A.R.S is my final mod for TS Tower Defence revealing best mod for expert TD players


    You will probably notice this is After Sky's X-Spiral Tower Defence and map looks pretty similar.
    Only *dirty* eye will see the minimap and yes all new units available
    Good luck.

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  4. 1 hour ago, FunkyFr3sh said:

    Everyone who played at least 10 ladder games can join. Post here if you want to join or send me/xme a message on cncnet OR discord OR post here in the forums and tell us the nickname you used to play the 10+ games.

    cncnet ladder - bk57

    Discord @bk57#5013


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  5. I have similar problem. Lately started new map witch crash on loading screen and has almost nothing on map yet. All I did is made an spectacular landscape... | Need help!

    minimap.png.dca05ca32c5ee2dd9e9bde8b3349809e.png prototype_one.map

    Sometimes it helps if you add/remove AI and remove all tiberium trees and buildings on map.



  6. 20 hours ago, AKWhitey123 said:

    After saving game, 

    Just played your map on skirmish. I don't see why you have to save your game... Indeed map works fine, has no errors, no new units, buildings literly nothing that might make map ''glitchy'' after reloading it.

  7. You know one of the most exciting things you've done in significant short time is definitely this kindoff result you get here.
    I can clearly say that I did appreciated to make this mod and my excitement for this is still not going off yet.

    Thank you amokk for your support!!

  8. 56 minutes ago, Captan34 said:


    what do you think is possible?


    Nothing is impossible but am pretty sure am not going to make a mod from all 4 sides... think of this - once they all meet up in middle its going to be a traffic jam, what fun that makes?

    Game probably slows down if your CPU can't keep up with all units and structures on map but if game start slow it means your CPU is already under pressure and I can't do anything about that unfortionately. 

  9. 20 hours ago, Captan34 said:


    Hello , You made "Sky's Spiral Tower Defense mode" I wanted. Thanks for your effort. how can we play the map


    All my mods are available free to download:

    Step 1: Download
    Step 2: copy/paste in game map folder (example: M:\Games\TiberianSun_Online\Maps\Favorites\paste_here.map)
    Step 3: restart or open your cncnet client
    Step 4: Play and enjoy!

  10. Lately one of guys on cncnet asked me if I could make the Sky's Spiral Tower Defense mod in 4 directions... and ofcourse I replyed:

    (24) [22:54] <FiveM_bk> whats up?
    (24) [22:54] <Captan34> Can you make a spiral tower map in 4 directions?
    (24) [22:54] <FiveM_bk> hmm

    One minute later... 
    (24) [22:55] <Captan34> north-south east-west directional attack. would be great
    (24) [22:55] <FiveM_bk> am not sure how the spyral will works out on that
    (24) [22:56] <FiveM_bk> but I have something in my mind already

    He came up with plan:
    (24) [22:58] <Captan34> those from the north will only attack the south. is it only possible that those in the east will go west?
    (24) [23:01] <Captan34> If you do it will be a super legend

    (o.O am I not a legend already? oh well...)
    (24) [23:02] <FiveM_bk> ofcouser u can make them fly, go or dig any way u like
    (24) [23:02] <FiveM_bk> do u want me  to add some new units aswell?

    (24) [23:07] <Captan34> you can add new units. but I'm very curious about how it will be.
    (24) [23:09] <FiveM_bk> I'll see what i can do and I let u know when am done. :)

    This is what I came up with exacly two days later.


    All mods availabe here: 


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