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  1. My programming experience is limited to desktop applications and games for the most part. And while I have some website coding and server-side service programming experience, Grant is likely far better at that stuff, especially since my server-side experience is from platforms that the CnCNet website and other services do not run on. And that means that out of Grant's list, alone I could only do #3. Hacking YR itself wouldn't be a problem, but those hacks would be useless without a server-side service that would handle the game results, pair players for quick match etc. (depending on the implementation of the quick match feature, of course)
  2. I was just complaining about the grammatical error. Seeing such mistakes on an otherwise very nicely done site hurts my brain. Especially when this is probably the 4th time I've pointed it out to Grant. Oh and also the DTA link on the downloads page leads into a 404, because it points to Dawn of the Tiberian Age instead of Dawn of the Tiberium Age. https://cncnet.org/download
  3. https://cncnet.org/download "Download & Play Online Free." For free. The same also applies to all the different game download pages.
  4. It wouldn't only display a white screen if the game was missing. It sounds like a driver issue, most likely related to having both integrated and dedicated graphics (usually Intel and Nvidia) on the same system. Try switching the GPU that runs the client.
  5. Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge are not free games, so they're not included in the CnCNet installer. You need to buy the game and install it, only then can you install CnCNet and use it to play online. You cannot download the games themselves from CnCNet.
  6. No matter which resolution you pick, Yuri's Revenge sets the resolution to 800x600 for the loading screen, then uses the actual selected resolution only when the game has actually started. So your monitor needs to support 800x600 for the game to work. RA2 supports higher resolutions in the loading screen already, which is why RA2 works but YR doesn't.
  7. @Grant, you've messed it up. XMP15S4.MAP exists twice in the version file on the server, just with different cases. I'd guess that the server doesn't have both. Also, even if it does, Windows filenames aren't case-sensitive, so it might cause issues that way. Maps\Yuri's Revenge\XMP15S4.map=571612042081972458120196192181125197127235200,221 Maps\Yuri's Revenge\xmp15s4.map=571612042081972458120196192181125197127235200,221
  8. In Red Alert, everything aside from the Medium tank, Heavy tank and V2 Launcher. In Tiberian Sun, every single Nod vehicle aside from the Artillery and Subterranean APC. GDI also has some fairly pointless units, like the Wolverine.
  9. Are you playing through the CnCNet YR Client or are you trying to start the original game? If playing through the CnCNet Client, open the client Options, set Renderer to TS-DDRAW and Save.
  10. According to the client log you have no graphics card / driver installed. The client needs at least a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with supported drivers. You need to install drivers for your graphics card.
  11. I've tested them on DTA and they work there. The TS spawner also contains the code. Maybe some of its additions (related to anticheat etc.) are breaking the actions? The Short Game actions are also quite new, so it's possible that Funky hasn't updated the TS spawner to contain them yet.
  12. The Short Game toggle is mainly useful for co-op missions (like some of the ones we have in DTA, if you're aware of it). The multi-factory bonus isn't a similar game option, but I guess it'd be possible to write a trigger action for it. What would you use it for, though?
  13. Btw, I've added 3 new trigger actions to the game, Give Credits, and Enable/Disable Short Game. To make them usable in FinalSun, add the following code to FSData.ini's [Actions] section: 106=Give Credits...,0,2,5,0,0,0,0,0,0,Give credits to a specific house.,1,0,106 107=Enable Short Game...,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,Enables the Short Game option. Will NOT automatically kill players that have no buildings when this is enabled.,1,0,107 108=Disable Short Game...,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,Disables the Short Game option.,1,0,108
  14. I think "CnCNet Team" was a better label than just "Developer". My avatar also got reversed to its previous version. But other than that, I'm enjoying this update.
  15. We've made two new multiplayer maps ([8] Subterranean Bluewery and [6] Rural Idyll) and one new co-op mission ([3] The Anchoring) during the last few months. They'll be included in DTA 1.16, which will be released later this year.