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  1. There doesn't really seem to be anything unusual in the log. Some sounds being missing is normal. Is your client volume in the options set to something above 0? Also I assume you've checked that the client hasn't been muted in the Windows volume mixer.
  2. Could you upload your client.log file (from the Client\ subdirectory in your YR directory) here?
  3. It's not a bug, it's a feature and by design. The game has no issues dealing with AI players having the same colors as human players, so the client allows it. The "Random" option doesn't have the same "issue", it finds a color that is unused among both human and AI players.
  4. If the game didn't start for them at all, it sounds like they might've had a lingering gamemd-spawn.exe from a previous game still running, which prevents starting a new game. We tried several 2v2s with Grant and some other people yesterday (with me downloading the maps for the first time) and it worked, with those exact same steps. The client had a bug in it that sometimes caused desyncs (reconnection errors) at game start on freshly-transferred custom maps, but it was fixed with the latest update.
  5. Yeah, you indeed shouldn't be able to see those compatibility fixes.
  6. Those compatibility fixes shouldn't show up in YR (and they actually don't show up for any of us developers), so it's a mystery how you're able to see them at all. Anyway, don't install them. The client is used in multiple different games (Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA), Twisted Insurrection (TI), and Tiberian Sun (TS)) in addition to Yuri's Revenge, and the compatibility fixes are meant for those games. Yuri's Revenge doesn't need them.
  7. I haven't made any missions for Yuri's Revenge, but I've made plenty for the engine. And based on that I can say that all of these are technically possible. For 1, it is possible to restrict the player's build order by modifying the rules, and the game can also detect when the player has built a specific building (at least in singleplayer, not sure if it's doable in multiplayer with the current YR spawner), making it show a text trigger instructing them to build another building. For 2, you can instruct the player to use hotkeys through text triggers. But you can't check whether the player actually uses hotkeys. 3 and 4 are simple.
  8. It's just a texture, like everything else. sbMiddle.png, sbThumbBottom.png and sbThumbTop.png.
  9. If you're playing online, the delay is normal and cannot be get rid of. All players have the same delay.
  10. Only on Windows XP. @FireWingViadar If you're running the N edition of Windows 8.1, you need to install the Media Feature Pack: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42503
  11. Looks like a potential graphics card hardware issue.
  12. The Battle Log doesn't work properly in YR.
  13. Since Yuri's Revenge changes the resolution when the game starts, it could be that your monitor takes 2 seconds to switch the resolution, and it displays black in the meanwhile. If that's the case, to fix it you could try to make your GPU scale the image to your monitor's native resolution rather than have your monitor scale the image. This is possible with at least AMD GPUs, I don't know about Intel and Nvidia.
  14. The client is flexible enough so that the YR client has been compiled from mostly the same code as DTA's client. DTA, TI and MO's clients all share the exact same source code; YR only has small modifications on that same codebase. Now, when opening the window, it takes the initial window title from the application's internal name, which happens to be "DTA Client" because DTA is my primary project. And creating the window is handled by a 3rd party library (MonoGame / XNA), so I can't change the initial window title. The client will change the window's title to match the game once it has initialized itself though.
  15. EA released Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun as freeware a long time ago, which is why we can distribute them through our site. However, EA never released Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge as freeware, so we can't distribute those games. So yes, you'll have to install RA2 and YR before you can play them online through CnCNet.