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  1. If you're playing online, the delay is normal and cannot be get rid of. All players have the same delay.
  2. Only on Windows XP. @FireWingViadar If you're running the N edition of Windows 8.1, you need to install the Media Feature Pack: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42503
  3. Looks like a potential graphics card hardware issue.
  4. The Battle Log doesn't work properly in YR.
  5. Since Yuri's Revenge changes the resolution when the game starts, it could be that your monitor takes 2 seconds to switch the resolution, and it displays black in the meanwhile. If that's the case, to fix it you could try to make your GPU scale the image to your monitor's native resolution rather than have your monitor scale the image. This is possible with at least AMD GPUs, I don't know about Intel and Nvidia.
  6. The client is flexible enough so that the YR client has been compiled from mostly the same code as DTA's client. DTA, TI and MO's clients all share the exact same source code; YR only has small modifications on that same codebase. Now, when opening the window, it takes the initial window title from the application's internal name, which happens to be "DTA Client" because DTA is my primary project. And creating the window is handled by a 3rd party library (MonoGame / XNA), so I can't change the initial window title. The client will change the window's title to match the game once it has initialized itself though.
  7. EA released Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun as freeware a long time ago, which is why we can distribute them through our site. However, EA never released Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge as freeware, so we can't distribute those games. So yes, you'll have to install RA2 and YR before you can play them online through CnCNet.
  8. If you're running Windows 8.1 N, install the Media Feature Platform. Otherwise, a future CnCNet update could fix it.
  9. Your VM lacks hardware accelerated graphics. The client needs, at minimum, a graphics card with DirectX 9 support, while your VM doesn't seem to have any graphics acceleration.
  10. I miss the network status graph. Especially the one from 2013 or something when it showed the activity separately for each game.
  11. If you are running the "N" edition of Windows 10, you need to download and install the Media Feature Pack.
  12. It's indeed missing from Grant's list, unless he considered it to be a part of 1.
  13. The quickmatch server needs to be created or at least the quickmatch protocol specification designed before a client for it can be made. And the server part I can't do myself. Basically, like FunkyFr3sh said, there should be a server that registered players would contact via the client and the server would then match players of fitting skill levels with each other and return the information about the game settings, opponent's address / tunnel server address etc. back to the client, that would then start the actual game.
  14. The quick match client application and its integration into the main client itself would be simple. But I can't do the server part myself. And based on the rest of the CnCNet team's prior experience with the ladder that had no quick match, it wouldn't work. So a quick match client is necessary for me as well. Tbh I'm personally not interested in these features (ladder, clans, badges). However, with some donations I could consider working on them (for the games that use my client; that means YR, MO, DTA and TI). But the quick match client with a working 1v1 ladder needs to be done first, because without that, clans and badges would be useless (or at least they couldn't be utilized to their full functionality).
  15. My programming experience is limited to desktop applications and games for the most part. And while I have some website coding and server-side service programming experience, Grant is likely far better at that stuff, especially since my server-side experience is from platforms that the CnCNet website and other services do not run on. And that means that out of Grant's list, alone I could only do #3. Hacking YR itself wouldn't be a problem, but those hacks would be useless without a server-side service that would handle the game results, pair players for quick match etc. (depending on the implementation of the quick match feature, of course)