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  1. Hotkeys

    You can also set them from the client. Options -> Game tab -> Configure Hotkeys.
  2. Players Ping = unknown - reasons?

    Happens when the client doesn't get a ping reply from the selected tunnel server. It could happen because of the player's local configuration, the tunnel server's configuration, or by something in between.
  3. Malware?

    You should report it to your antivirus vendor(s) as a false positive.

    If you think the game speed is too fast, you can always turn it down in the game lobby. Naturally many players will prefer 55+ FPS over 30s though. CnCNet uses the exact same AI as vanilla YR, unless you enable the Brutal AI game option, which gives the AI some more cheats and makes it more aggressive.
  5. Why the client is so CPU intensive?

    It's not Funky's client, it's mine. And that CPU use doesn't cause issues for any modern PC.
  6. Why the client is so CPU intensive?

    The client obviously doesn't have a coin miner. The reason why the client is heavier than you'd expect is that it's not a "typical" Windows application. Instead it has been created using MonoGame and it uses DirectX for drawing its interface and other such stuff. It was also designed for graphical flexibility rather than perfect optimization (yes, it'd be possible to achieve both but it'd take more development time). Basically the client is like a small game of its own, and consumes system resources accordingly. While you're playing a game, the client limits its framerate to around 1 to drop the CPU use so it can't cause slow-downs during the game.
  7. Replace the Included Tibsun client with This one

    It is being updated, although usually at a somewhat slower pace than other projects using the client. I wouldn't mind if someone enthusiastic wanted to take over the job and start updating it more often though, I'd prefer focusing on just the pure client code and leaving the game implementations to others. Likewise, I wouldn't mind having the client as the official CnCNet TS client if there was someone else maintaining it, similarly to how @Grant handles YR using my client as a base, with myself providing support when it's necessary.
  8. "different files than host" after update

    A clean reinstall would be the safest route. If you want to play Mental Omega again in the future, be sure to follow its install instructions. It can't be installed to the same directory with CnCNet YR; instead you should create a new directory for MO, copy the required YR files (as stated on MO's readme) to that directory, and install MO there. That way you'll also leave your YR installation unaffected and can have MO and CnCNet YR installed at the same time without them conflicting with each other.
  9. "different files than host" after update

    To determine what's different we'd need a log both from you and the game host (or if you're the game host, from a player that joins your game and is shown as a possible cheater).
  10. kaboom

    Most likely it's graphics drivers (even the latest drivers can have bugs in them, it's particularly common with Intel GPUs) not playing nice with the client version that is included with the installer and used by default on Windows 7. The XNA version of the client relies on an older version of DirectX so it demands less from the hardware. Now, the version of the client that is included with the installer is quite out of date too and could have some code in it that makes it more likely to run into issues like this. So it's hard to say what really was the issue. But glad to hear that it works Enjoy your tank rushes!
  11. kaboom

    Give the following a try: 1) Download and install Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 Refresh https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27598 2) Go to your Yuri's Revenge directory, then to the Resources\ sub-directory, and from there start clientxna.exe. Does the client work then?
  12. kaboom

    "Fault Module Name: igd10umd32.dll" Based on that it's an issue with Intel graphics drivers. Make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date.
  13. CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Update Changelog You can now configure your in-game hotkeys from the client, from Options -> Game tab -> Configure Hotkeys.
  14. Adding an Author to a Map

    The client indeed reads the author from [Basic] Author=. Also, you should use a text editor that supports Unix-style line endings, like Notepad++ or Wordpad.
  15. The next CnCNet YR update should fix it. There's no ETA yet because the main dev of CnCNet YR is on holidays.