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  1. Open FIrestorm.ini (recommentd using notepad) 

    Search: [DEFENDER]

    Change: Owner=Civilian to Owner=GDI,Nod if you want your Core Defender to be build on both Factions.

    Thats should be all.

    (If it still doesnt appear on your War Factory after new changes try include function Prerequisite=PROC whitch means the specific unit has to be built after you have Refinery build)

  2. Hi! This topic seems already known to some players.. The reason why I am posting this is that my Desert Tower Defense map seems to be working out good and I even did multiple updates so it doesn't run out of steam so fast.

    There was one guy who even tryed to beat it as single player and that was an inspiration for me to start think of something new. No I'm not here to announce that there is a new map instead of something new I made a bigger updated and call it as Desert Tower Defense season 2. Its an October 9, 2019 and today am taking my second map online. Hope to see all players who was with me in my journey so far and see ya in Defense boys!

    Thanks to: Whut, Holland, Edy, Crazydude, Rock, Law,  Splash, Starbuck.. and I dont remenber more of the names 😶 Thank you all!

    (playing as bk since 2019 and the second maps is called Desert Tower Defense | 8 | episode 2 | bk57)

  3. I will release this map soon. This is an early quick look at my work I've been doing for a couple of days now.
    There is a first time for everything! YES this is first time I've made a Tower defense map.

    About map:
    8 player map
    • Prices are High
    • Size 60 x 60 big enough (tested)
    • NO Tiberium NO Veinhole NO Superweapons

    If any of you played Siege I and Siege II at the end you have to defeat Kaneborg.. is he back? Well.. You don't need to be worried about killing him again. He is hard reset and will help you to infiltrate the Satellite HQ to locate and defeat the new enemy. (Not the horny tacitus)

    Name of the map will not be called Avengers or any of Marvel heroes but there will be units, structures and small story at the end you'd like to see.

    I apologize for uploading small images. Size has been changed to fit in 9MB.











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  4. 1 hour ago, Assist said:

    Thank you for the thorough explanation.

    Could u add the topic to the main TS forum instead of the sub-forums, please? As this is a useful info for the whole TS community and not only map makers.

    I will look forward to do that for my next posts.

  5. For anyone who's never seen or don't know what is the new Shared Control option in latest update.
    This is the short guide of my explanation and I hope that it will help you.

    : Shared Control is used to control in-game your allied units.
    : You can Control your allied units by checking you settings and correctly manage your controls.

    As always
    comment below, upvote or spare a like for me if this information helped you.






  6. ''Tower Defense''

    Please share with me your opinion about map(s) who I would like to update.
    I'm about to include more waves what I call as ''updated map''.

    Is it Legal to update other user maps!

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