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  1. stakee

    Game bugs

    No, i've put the resolution 1366x768 to fit the screen. I'll try window mode to see if any change.
  2. stakee

    Game bugs

    Hello, i keep having this issue and i have no idea what is the reason. The game runs fine and after a few minutes or an hour or 30 minutes, its random, the game freezes and loops the sound for about a second, like if im building something, the lady says buldi...buldi... and continues like, that forever. The only solution is to restart the computer and start the game again. If it helps, i'm not running anything in the background except for the game, so there is no problem for laggin, the game runs smove I have an asus, nvidia geforce 900 something, 8 gigs of ram, i7 quadcore, OS windows 8.1 so this shoulden be an issue and maybe its just a game bug that can be fixed
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