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  1. Im trying to install C&C3 on windows 7 64bit its a fresh windows install with all the updates and im trying to put back all my software ive been having issues trying to install c&c3 im installing from disc i begin installation i tap in the cd key and off it goes the green bar starts to grow and then it just stops and hangs there no error codes nothing it used to work before on windows vista and ive had it working on a laptop with win7 but now nothing can anyone advise or help?
  2. if its all sorted when i get home i will do oh and thanks in advance for the help
  3. im not pushing blame lol hopefully windows may have just hiccupped as its a new install from the weekend it may be done or unfrozen by the time i get home from work
  4. ive tried this i uninstalled the update and my system has been stuck on configuring windows for the last 7 hours you sure removing the update works
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