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  1. I haven't looked into the 'Donation' section, but using certain types of transaction methods will not have personal information. Using a Paysafe code (a 16-24 digit code) will allow transactions of up to 150 GBP (300 USD approx) per code. These codes can be purchased from most Pay-Points, and do not require personal information. The codes come in two classes: 'Miner-class', suitable for most online games and 'Over-class', required for gambling related or otherwise age restricted products. Note: in the UK, the 'Over-class' requires for the recipient to be 18+, USA varies depending on state (some being up to 24). Q: Can the codes' location of purchase be tracked? A: In theory, of cause it can. However, this information is not disclosed to the buyer. If you really want to stay entirely ANONYMOUS, then go to a Pay-Point that you never use and that is not local to you. Q: Can specific amounts be transferred? A: No, only intervals of 10 GBP or 5 USD. I don't know why the US seems more flexible on the matter, note my info may not be accurate upon reading this message. Q: In this case, what class do I need? A: 'Over-class' ask the cashier for an 'Over-*what ever the age restriction is* Paysafe voucher'. Over-18 Paysafe vouchers apply to UK and most states in the US, though they may be Over-21/Over-23/Over-24 vouchers if you are in certain states. How to work it out? look to the legal age of consent for a guide-line as to what it will likely be, otherwise legal age to gamble dictates it. NOTE: YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR ID AS IF YOU WERE BUYING ALCOHOL, it is the LAW. They don't take note of who you are, only that you are old enough to make the purchase (Photo-ID required). Q: Can I get my money back in the form of change? A: Once a transaction is made, the only 'change' you get (if applicable) is in the form of another code. NOTE: THIS CAN NEVER BECOME REAL MONEY AGAIN*. Q: Once the transaction is made, what if a problem occurs, can I get my money back? A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Be aware, once you have transmitted your code to the buyer, the code can NEVER be traced and/or recovered. If there is a problem, then you are... done for... Only in extremely rare cases has the money been recovered in the event of a problem, but only rare and only excessive amounts. *Only through membership to Paysafe and a credit card can your change be recovered (this may not apply to all cases). I hope this answers your question. As for sending the Paysafe codes themselves, if CnCNet lacks normal facilitation for this, contact an Administrator directly before making ANY purchase. NOTE: Buying a Paysafe voucher is buying a digital currency. Be aware, once purchased, it is as if you have bought a consumable item and therefore you can NOT get a return. Paysafe codes are just codes with a value only relative to online and not usable for 'real-world' items. Search 'Paysafe' for details and 'Terms and Conditions'.
  2. Anti-Virus Detection (Ongoing issue)

    What port should I use, I managed to get it to work (sort-of), but when I connect to specific people, the CnCNet application crashes and the AVS goes mental. This happens to all of the CNC titles that CnCNet is on. See attached image for details.
  3. I am getting a Virus Detection upon entering Matches online, even after exceptions, once updated the exception is removed. The issue is being caused by, from what I understand, the usage of an insecure port found in windows. The port doesn't get used by other things, hence CnCNet uses it. So I urge that either the Developers use an alternate port, or inform the anti-virus companies that the application in non-hostile. I am getting tiered of not being able to play CnC online. I haven't played Red alert 1 online for a few months due to this, same goes for Tib-Dawn and Tib-Sun. The only game I can get to work at all, is Red Alert 2 (YR). Please fix this, and/or make a work around for local Peer-to-Peer games.