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  1. Hello Guys I want to play some mods on Zero Hour and Red Alert 3 but the game isn't booting up because of origin. I heard there was a launcher wich made mods working but the launcher is patched. Is there any other method to install mods at the ultimate collection? Thank you
  2. Hey Guys. I often play long matches with my friends. The only problem is after a few time my internet is stucking like 20 seconds and i will disconnect. :ranting: Is there any way to set the timer to a higher value? This would be nice XD
  3. Hey Guys XD Me and my friends are playing c&c with peace-time. Because of this our army is very enormous. But then you can't build more. We reached the maximum of units :mad: Can you change the maximum of buildings in an online game? This would be cool! Sry for my Bad English I'm from Austria ^^
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