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  1. Got it! I should just be more thorough in reading rules.ini Thanks!
  2. Ok so the warhead type has it's own internal damage characteristic that isn't quantified?
  3. Does anyone have a database of the stock Damage and ROF laid out in a manner that we can sort it, for example ascending or descending? Just interested to see if the damage cause by a heavy tank would be the same as the damage by a rocket soldier if they were both adjusted in rules to have the same Damage/ROF. That is, is there an inherent quality about a tank shell that gives it more damage or less damage even if it's rated the same. If that isn't the case then it's bizarre that a Colt45 (Tanya's) yields 50 damage while the AA gun yields just 25. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks everyone, (Iran, Nyerguds, Tore). Much appreciated, I think I'm getting the hang of the CNCNET platform. This pretty much answers all the questions I had in this thread!
  5. Thanks for the reply! Yes, I used the aftermath option. Is there a post somewhere which details what changes the 'aftermath enable option' makes? And also, what changes are in Ford's Europe map (That's the Ultimate edition map? The one that looks amazingly accurately like Europe?)
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to CNCNET, been playing RA1 for a looooong time but never online. Just LAN with family etc. Happy I discovered this site/community. My question is this: I'm introducing a group of my friends to RA1 who have never played it before and I want to know what I should choose in order to play the least imbalanced version? (i.e reducing the ability to Tesla creep/tank spam ) From what I understand, Aftermath prevents the 'CY/WF multiple builds to reduce unit build time issue'. Should I choose Aftermath? (FunkyFr3sh mentioned that might work) Does CNCNET have a stable version of that? Something that makes the game a bit more micro. Maybe even just suggestions on maps that have been modded to reduce imbalance. (Did Ford [ AndrewFord ] ever finish editing maps for reducing imbalance?) Thanks everyone! Good work here for all involved.
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