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  1. I have FRAPS. XD Many thanks, it appears to have been the reason for the crashes.
  2. I downloaded a pirated version of the game and had no issues. My problem has been solved.
  3. Hello, I Installed RA2 and Yuri from my DVD-Rom. It's this version. I set the compatibility to Win98 to make it run but Yuri kept crashing at seemingly random moments in game. I then tried with a fresh installation the fix suggested here at xwis. The exe didn't start anymore. Finding this site and installing 2.65 lead to the game being only purple and blue and the horizontal shrunken to the third left part of the screen. If I take a screenshot it caps my desktop and the mouse movement is not always shrunken in the horizontal axis. What now? Ps: A nice mammoth smiley you have here :mammoth:
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