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  1. Seen a guy on youtube beat ozma in 1 minute 9 seconds. That was good.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbLNy3q9nIU Ozma just got owned with low level characters in Final Fantasy 9. It is a little laggy but it is still good.
  3. First, name the map then tell us your strategy. I'm newb now so I do not play terrace anymore and have forgotten my reg map strats. On Giant's of war 8 player (As GDI) I build one ref then after the war factory is up I build 2 apcs to send in to scout before building an extra harv then build 2 extra jj's to scout just in case the apcs do not work. Then, I tech up and dizzy you. After building 5 dizzys, I usually build up on bombers, titans and a couple of more refs then get my firestorm ready and begin expanding with an extra MCV, more helipads and war factories if I make it that far(Sometimes I do not worry about getting firestorm). I know it seems like kind of a strange strat but you might be surprised how often it works. I am a little high right now so forgive me if I have fed the trolls.
  4. Yeah, I remember destroying middlesky left and right back in the day lol. I knew him pretty well and he should remember me. I am surprised you do not remember me. What was your old nick back then?
  5. Feel free to post 1 vs 1 challenges if you dare.
  6. Back in the day it was Lurker aka InThaMode. Anyone remember him? I know him pretty well.
  7. I don't play much and I usually lose because I am newb now but, who is the best player that you know of in any game you play? I am a Tib Sun player fyi. Tell and discuss why.
  8. Alright, I appologize for my previous pompousness. Hope to see some of you ingame
  9. Actually I really don't consider myself elite anymore because most of you guys are a lot better than I am, but I was once really good like you guys, just took an hiatus for a long time and just came back recently.
  10. ROFL! Rage dork Dork? Roflmfao, that's funny coming from someone named olliegator..LOL
  11. Ahh great... another pseudo intellect...welcome... Pseudo intellect? Don't even pretend like you know anything about me...ever. Got it?
  12. Tell me what you got for Christmas if you got anything. I got a pair of Sony Bass Boosting Headphones, a new box of dishware, a jacket and some good clothes from my sister.
  13. I played a lot a long time ago, but I am not old old, I am 29 lol.
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