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  1. Absolutely! Let me work with this a bit and I'll get back to ya
  2. Might be a bit over my paygrade here, but how would you recommend I go about it? Are there functions to lightposts as map elements that I'm not aware of, outside of putting invis_xxx on/around them? (not being rhetorical, I'm sincerely unaware of them) Also, thanks for checking the map out and the encouragement
  3. Arena-style map for 2-8 players. Layout conducive for any team denomination(s). Very straightforward map; you have starting resources to protect, further resources to acquire/sabotage, and the rest is just plain old commanding and conquering. Good map if you appreciate naval combat, where a lot of maps tend to neglect, or outright ignore it altogether. Also fun vs brutal AI when you just want to kill some time. Triggers: - At start of match, the inner bridges to megawealth-isle self destroy. This allows you to build naval within the area inward from starting location... as well as protect it (with an engineer) by repairing the bridge if you'd like to accumulate a fleet. Just make sure you're prepared to defend that ingress as well as re-destroy the bridge when ready. - A couple of oil derricks will be given to you (within the immediate boundaries of your base) at the start of the match. They're there to incentivize infiltration by other players/AI. Protecc. - Thunder sound-effect every 60 seconds. This is there for a couple of reasons: As a means to keep track of passage of time (We're on fifth-thunder. They're probably about ready to drop something on me.), and for pure flavor, as thunder makes everything feel epic As always, feedback and kind critique is welcome. I hope you all enjoy the map as much as I did creating it ❤️ hunger.map
  4. *Updated. Witness me.
  5. Almost like it was done deliberately.
  6. *Updated 7-1-19 Got bored. Fun to watch as spectator. famine.map
  7. There's now a mild ambient light flash accompanying the thunder. Small victories. EDIT: Nevermind.
  8. Map in OP has been updated. As far as I can tell, the majority of the issues you outlined have been fixed. I discovered what was effectively a "blank" clifftop (behaving as unpassable) tile that I didn't even know existed and it worked perfectly. Also reduced the agency of migration from base-start by bringing tech in a bit closer, and giving each starting player a tech power+oil on the lower level to facilitate expansion beyond their plateau while maintaining the urgency of protecting them. <-- This is a decision I may rework 😕 As always, feedback/criticism is welcome.
  9. This worked perfectly. Thanks!
  10. Not to hijack the thread, but can/should the INI Editor (keys) be used to add proper creator names to maps... for CNCNet client, for example?
  11. EDIT: Having zero luck finding a solution using Google-fu, and not sure if there even is a solution for it. I'm having trouble getting the unpassable terrain on the upper rims of some of the cliffs (particularly the camera-facing ones) to "occur" with either the cliff painter or manual placement. Are there any easy solutions to this, or something I'm overlooking? Ideally, I'd love an "invisible_unpassable_tile" as there are areas that I'm currently cordoning off using... of all things... bridge repair huts due to visible area breaking the symmetry of the map.
  12. EDIT: I took your advice (Cypher) to heart when working on the above version. If you get the time to try it, let me know if it "feels" any better. The camera angle is just perspective being adjusted by resizing the (wide) image to a 1:1 aspect. It's definitely a weird effect. I'm not a huge fan of the fully bridged paths to enemies either... so it's no coincidence that I've been working on creating a version of this map where the outside bridges are replaced with solid land paths without breaking the agency of naval on the map. The inner bridges are the cost of doing business in that respect. Thanks for the comment and the kind words I'll update the above post as soon as I'm satisfied with it, and if you wouldn't mind downloading/trying it, I'd love more feedback.
  13. Fu3lman's "Gifts Ungiven" *Updated* Players: 2-8 Mode agnostic. Ore: 340,175 Tech: 12xOil, 8xPower, 8xMachine Good for naval. Good for cooperative (2v2v2v2 / 4v4) and FFA. giftsungiven.map
  14. EDIT - 6-21-19: Minor fixes. Won't be revisiting unless issues are brought up. Outstanding issues: None that I know of, though I'd like some help with... Flashing bright ambient light a second or two before thunder sound effect. Possibly making bridges 100% indestructible (even with destroyable bridges enabled.) Players: 8, mostly mode-agnostic unless starting lopsided with uneven player amt. Money: 214,600 with roughly half being "high stakes" and 1/5 being outside immediate base boundaries. Triggers: Auto-assign ownership 1x Power + 1x Oil to the lower-outside perimeter of each starting area to the corresponding player. Periodic thunder sound effect and lightning ambient effect. My best shot at an 8-player "fair as possible" map that doesn't force players into overextending until they have the field presence to do so. Naval combat is something I've never really fleshed out before in my maps, and I used this as an opportunity to try and remedy that. Feedback is welcome, and any changes/improvements/etc will be reflected here. giftsungiven.map
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