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  1. This worked perfectly. Thanks!
  2. Not to hijack the thread, but can/should the INI Editor (keys) be used to add proper creator names to maps... for CNCNet client, for example?
  3. EDIT: Having zero luck finding a solution using Google-fu, and not sure if there even is a solution for it. I'm having trouble getting the unpassable terrain on the upper rims of some of the cliffs (particularly the camera-facing ones) to "occur" with either the cliff painter or manual placement. Are there any easy solutions to this, or something I'm overlooking? Ideally, I'd love an "invisible_unpassable_tile" as there are areas that I'm currently cordoning off using... of all things... bridge repair huts due to visible area breaking the symmetry of the map.
  4. EDIT: I took your advice (Cypher) to heart when working on the above version. If you get the time to try it, let me know if it "feels" any better. The camera angle is just perspective being adjusted by resizing the (wide) image to a 1:1 aspect. It's definitely a weird effect. I'm not a huge fan of the fully bridged paths to enemies either... so it's no coincidence that I've been working on creating a version of this map where the outside bridges are replaced with solid land paths without breaking the agency of naval on the map. The inner bridges are the cost of doing business in that respect. Thanks for the comment and the kind words I'll update the above post as soon as I'm satisfied with it, and if you wouldn't mind downloading/trying it, I'd love more feedback.
  5. Fu3lman's "Gifts Ungiven" *Updated* Players: 2-8 Mode agnostic. Ore: 340,175 Tech: 12xOil, 8xPower, 8xMachine Good for naval. Good for cooperative (2v2v2v2 / 4v4) and FFA. giftsungiven.map
  6. EDIT: Map has gone through a few revisions to resolve pathing issues, and to provide land-bridges (finally) as well as make staging more difficult if done outside of enemy base. The overall area given to each player has also been increased 50% for factory ramping. Players: 8, mostly mode-agnostic unless starting lopsided with uneven player amt. Money: 214,600 with roughly half being "high stakes" and 1/5 being outside immediate base boundaries. Triggers: None, other than periodic thunder sound effect. My best shot at an 8-player "fair as possible" map that doesn't force players into overextending until they have the field presence to do so. Naval combat is something I've never really fleshed out before in my maps, and I used this as an opportunity to try and remedy that. Feedback is welcome, and any changes/improvements/etc will be reflected here. giftsungiven.map
  7. Players: 4, mostly mode-agnostic unless starting lopsided with uneven player amt. Money: 217350, with roughly half being "high stakes" and 1/4 being outside immediate base boundaries. Tech: 4x Oil, 4x Airfield Engress: 2 Ramp, 3 Bridge (destroyable, repairable) Triggers: None, other than periodic thunder sound effect. There's nothing clever to say here. I made this map out of boredom and it keeps me from being bored. Matches are fast, and there are plenty of opportunities for hail-Mary's. Securing the center will obviously provide a huge bump to your resources, but at the risk of leaving your rear exposed to the other 2-4 paths into the most vulnerable parts, and the only environmental advantage provided is a single barracks facing away toward each ramp. Though it may be obvious, the use of tech to extend your building area is incredibly powerful on this map due to the elimination of at least one potential path, so if you are planning on risking the biscuit for the gooey center, it might not be a bad idea to have at least one "corner" of that tech secured beforehand. Hope you guys enjoy, and I'm open to feedback, just be gentle, I'm delicate. hashtag.map
  8. "You forgot the umlaut on "Über" " Anything to give FA2 one less thing to insta-crash over Valid points. I went with a "go big, then tone it down" philosophy with this map, so I'll work your suggestions in as WIP.
  9. The next iteration of Overlord: "UBERLORD." Four-player "king of the hill" skirmish map with tons to see and tons to do. I've further cleaned up some of the weirdness in the original, and applied a bit of logic to resource acquisition, and I feel like a combination of structure and vehicle defense will now be imperative to any house to ensure they aren't resource starved. Players will now start with four oil derrick's as well, chiefly to extend the immediate buildable area to geography with very deliberate strategic purpose. It might make more sense if you actually play it instead of letting me ramble on about it. ... also, the campers now have a pond, and I have yet to receive any sort of gratitude from them, so I won't say anything if you ruin their little vacation. This is version 1, and I'll be using this thread to keep it updated. ... I'm also fine with constructive criticism. PLEASE GIVE IT A SHOT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!
  10. Yep. Still trying to find a way to address that outside of just "raising" the entire map and creating a valley there instead of a plateau.
  11. Thanks! Really dig your maps too. I'm still working on getting to that level of "organic" where I don't rely (entirely) on "counting squares" to dictate placement of terrain and structures.
  12. So it's the download that's failing? I'm not having any trouble here.
  13. EDIT: Will just use this one thread for updating so I'm not creating more noise than necessary. I'm always open to constructive criticism, so let me know what you think of these and what you would do to improve them. "Overlord" (version 2) Four player "King of the Hill" style map. The older version of this (circa 2000-2001-ish) was something I whipped up to be our go-to map for casual coop teamplay vs two brutal AI opponents, and I remember it being pretty damned fun. I only recently revisited this map and cleaned it up a bit balance and aesthetics-wise. BONUS POINTS to anyone who finds the campers and ruins their day. :devil: ...cuz' you gotta enjoy the little things. "And Justice For All" My first real attempt at a full-blown 8-player throwdown. There's a LOT I intend on doing with it... so it's very much a work in progress, but complete enough to get the gist. And before you ask: NO. The Paris Towers are NOT ACTIVE! They're only there for decoration and/or as placeholders for some future adjustment. If you like what you see, or just feel like giving me grief, let me know here.
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