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  1. As of Nod final mission. Is interesting that in variant A the GDI starts with much less units than in other variants. This variant is easier by a big margin in my opinion.
  2. I remember that one slightly. It was tedious to fly back and forth from base to village...
  3. Well, the GDI campaign is finished. Now I should focus my attention on Nod (but Real life is cruel mistress so we'll see how it goes). Actually, I like their missions much more, some of them are quite unorthodox.
  4. Thank you very much for advice. You were right about the Power Plants, in ea(west) they are scattered and pretty much well defended. Not so much in ec(east).
  5. Hmm, that's good point. However with that Obelisk and Stealth Tank it's not entirely unprotected
  6. Nice. For original PC campaign I wonder if I can beat GDI 15 ec (eastern route) in reasonable time. I did check the map and it looks pretty rough.
  7. That is some nice stuff. I did found some map pictures floating around the internet from Tiberian Dawn to Red Alert 2.
  8. Of course I got your awesome patch. I was quite surprised about that "hidden" mission cause old walkthroughs never mentioned it. So, the link to my games is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo7ugfiGG7o From there it is possible to click and choose the particular mission. I'm trying to do all possible campaign maps. The fact is, I'm not very good rts gamer and I enjoy C&C at my own casual leisure pace. But I have still 2 basic rules before upload the video: 1. not too much killed units at my side (but that can be quite subjective) 2. not tooooo long video (too long is for me roughly more than 35 min, but I don't know if I will stick to this on later harder missions).
  9. Hey guys, old casual rts gamer here. From time to time I revisit my passion for C&C series. I just started with Tiberian Dawn GDI campaign. I'm playing through all possible missions. I'm also recording this stuff for posterity. Actual gameplays are not speedruns, they have more casual pace, so I don't know if there's any point of doin' this kind of thing. I'm very sceptical that it could sparkle some interest, but if someone is interested I can provide the link for my youtube channel.
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