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  1. Well thank you anyway. It seems my hunt shall forever continue.
  2. Seeing as this is my first post here at CnCNet, let me start by saying "Hi". I used to play this game as a child, and my dad was big into downloading maps/mods for it back then. He has stumbled upon a, what I believe to be a mission mod/map. If my memory recalls correctly, you were the allies, and the mission started with all of your units coming onto a shore from water transportation vehicles. You had a semi-small area to build your base, and you had to eradicate a GIANT Yuri base that took up, essentially, the rest of the map. There was a crate that was always at the top of a hill to the north of your base (I remember this because I would start the map, and try to get a Yuri MCV as that made the map the easiest to actually play), and Yuri constantly used his genetic mutator on you. I this isn't a whole lot to go off of, but does this sound familiar to anyone? If so can you tell me the name of the map/mod, or link to a download for it? I have been dying to play this map again. Thanks in advanced, Dark_nemesis
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