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  1. I was lowering or raising the volume for a bit while playing Red Alert when all of a sudden, my computer's volume goes straight to maximum level that I immediately had to mute the volume through my keyboard (Yes, my keyboard has a mute volume key) and exit the game to lower it. How am I controlling the volume? Well, I am controlling my computer's volume using the keys from my keyboard (F11 for lowering and F12 for raising).
  2. Is there any way to do with the black bars on menus and loading screens in high resolutions?
  3. While playing the game, some of the game's music was missing. Whenever I select a music, it plays the same music all over again. Is there a way to fix it?
  4. When I was in the settings I found this called "Permission in editor" with screen resolution choices. Can someone tell me what does that do?
  5. Is this game safe to download and how many gigabytes or megabytes are required to download?
  6. When I go to downloads I find that Dune 2000 doesn't have a note that the game is not packed inside. Does anyone agree that Dune 2000 is freeware?
  7. Is there any way to change the sensitivity of this game? For me it is too fast
  8. Is anyone playing now?
  9. What does it do? It was on the settings.
  10. RoadToZion

    A few questions

    1. Is the original game packed into the downloads? 2. Which games are freeware? 3. Does this have virus? 4. How do you let the antivirus let me access the installer? (I am using Bullguard) 5. How do you change language? (I changed it to English but it is still in Russian)
  11. I would like a bit of assistance to installing Red Alert 1 Single Player. While I was at the setup for the Single Player of Red Alert 1 I came across a section that tells you to select a mirror, I found one mirror called "Cannabischat.net (Netherlands)". What does this do?
  12. When I was trying to join a server after I installed it the game suddenly closes and uninstalls by itself. Later I got a message from my Antivirus saying that they had blocked the game client because they think it's a virus or harmful to my computer. Can anyone help me with this? Also the language of the text is all in Russian. I checked through the settings and find that it is set to English.
  13. Keep in mind that I am new here. While I was doing my setup installation for Red Alert 1 I came across an option for where the game will be installed and I find something called "Install Music". Can someone tell me what does it do? Does it enable music or installs the soundtracks of the game?
  14. I am just asking before I install one of the games, do you need a CD in order to install the game? If so how do I buy the CD?
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