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  1. Mistakes happen, but if you watch how giant development studios (earning millions of millions...) always find a way to screw something up & not fix it... even after years.
  2. Thats one hell of a customer support. Will download ASAP, thanks so much!
  3. Hello there, i just got started with C&C (insane i know) and installed RA1 on my PC (Win 7 x64) - so far so good, but i am having an annoying issue. I've been extremely confused at the soviet mission, where you chase the spy, because it seemed as if there were invisible buildings. One crate seemed to be in an invisible building, and once i highlighted it with the cursor, it said "civilian building". This happened in several places. Then i found out, once i am replaying or reloading a mission, certain buildings are invisible. Its been apparent after trying to find the cause while playing the first soviet mission (because of the lack of mission selection without loading a mission from savefiles) where you attack the village. Once i start it, the buildings are visible. Once i restart it, they are gone. If i save & reload, they are gone. AFAIK it only affects civilian buildings and the camo pillbox (first time i've build it, i thought its been supposed to invisible) i hope someone is able to help me, because it really kills all the fun. I have tried to ask Google, but all results were about RA2 and invisible units. I tried different settings (GDI->Open GL, DDwrapper, different resolutions) and also deleted & reinstalled the game, nothing helped. The issue seems to be deep within the game. Or is it my PC only? I can't be the only one having it? Anyone else able to replicate this issue?
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