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  1. Hello Everyone, As the title says, if you got a problem running Dune2000 then all you have to do is simply follow these steps and you will have the game running in no time: 1- Right Click on the Start Button > Apps and Features > On the right side click on Programs and Features > On Left side Click on Turn Windows features on or off > Check Legacy Components + DirectPlay > Click OK. [Without DirectPlay you cannot play the game]. 2- Visit This link: https://cncnet.org/dune-2000#download then click on Download and Play Online then scroll down and click on Download Gruntmods Edition (50407 downloads) . 3- Install the game by following instructions. 4- Open the launcher and click on Configure Settings > Click on Video Options and set this setting to be the same as the following picture: Note: * For some people, this might not work well for them so you need to play a bit with it in order to make it work perfectly for you. * You can choose the preferred resolution as you find best for yourself. 5- Before you Launch the game and see if it works or not, click on Check for Updates. The current version is for both local and online. 6- Click on Launch Campaign. If the game doesn't open and don't give any errors then check your Protection, for example, my Bitdefender gave me this notice: I simply clicked on Allow and Monitor and the game opened when I click on Launch Campaign again. 7- Click on Launch Multiplayer and the game will go through some updates then open a small window you can then choose to play Online, Lan or Skirmish. 8- Have fun and enjoy your time playing Dune2000 and if possible don't forget to donate for CnCNet because they did a great job bringing all this legend games in one place. Thank you and God Bless you. Sincerely, Aladdin Marzouk
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