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  1. Thx! With this path the game works fine!
  2. I am running it on win10x64 machine, a it just crashes on the start every time! But - the online version works just fine, same as red alert 1 (the campaign works just perfect!) Does anybody have this problem? And does this http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/ version include covert operation missions?
  3. I gonna ask another similar question - about render options in this games. Which is the best? GDI, OnepGL, DDrawCompact? (as far as i know the native mode for the original version of RA was GDI? - don't be confused with another GDI☻) I suppose firts RA is complete remade (unlike Tib. sun and RA2 - in their case the original drawing process is used, but for compatibility reason -a wrapper is used , if i got it right)
  4. Yep, I have heard the same, that direct draw is removed in win10 and there is some kind of an emulator
  5. And what does quality option means? I tried middle and high and have not noticed any difference..
  6. What render mod should i chose? on default i have really jagged game play (win10x64) DDrawcompat, or TS-DDraw - or maybe another? BTw (aslo which is the best for twisted ressurection?) And what is the difference between them?
  7. Thanks! It's works just fine, without any problems. btw I have noticed there is a custom made campaign - is it playable? I mean without game breaking glitches and bugs?
  8. I downloaded the full version of single player and additional missions are accessible from a special option in a menu. Are there any video briefins or they only for playstantion version? BTW - how can I defferentiate aftermath and counter strike missions?
  9. It's quite strange that this game is so unpopular. I know it always was that way (And why? Quite beautifully looking game, different units for each faction.) is there any possibility of fixing game and adding it to this servers?
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