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  1. Seems like this fixed it! Thanks for your help.
  2. A screenshot wouldn't really help at all. There's nothing to see. When the game actually loads up, (not the cncnet program), it's literally just a white screen. It only stops being that when I quit out of the game.
  3. I've spoken with an admin, and he informed me I needed to post here regarding this issue. I've been trying to get Yuri's Revenge to work for a friend of mine and I, but to no avail. I load the map in fine, I'm able to play the game. However, my friend only sees a white screen. My screen tells me that she's loading into the game and everything, but she still sees nothing. That is, until I quit out, upon which she gets the endslate. (You know, where you see how many kills you got, etc.) Any ideas?