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  1. ts-ddraw.dll is included with the Tiberian Sun Client and is the only option that works for me for that game (nVidia hardware). However, it makes RA2 run far too slow. I've attached it to this post anyway as your mileage may vary. The only playable solution I've found is using the executable in the Red Alert 2 - Windows 10 Fix archive along with the compatibility settings mentioned in the files that come along with it and ddwrapper. Now bear in mind that that fix pack is a mess of an archive. I don't care to "double click me" for fear of who knows what (you can't read what that sdb file is going to do) and chances are it's just going to make changes as in the screenshot which I did myself anyway, only I set it to Vista SP2 because Windows 10 told me to. Also, of the Game Files- the three .exes are the same. Now perhaps different distributions of the game have different names for the main executable but ra2.exe is a far smaller file for my installation so I didn't overwrite it. The xwis0 is also a copy of xwis (it and Wolapi are for multiplayer) and finally the RA2 config file isn't even needed once you've got the game up and running. Phew, now I'll be prevented from posting all of this because it's my first post won't I... Anyway, good luck anyway anyone still trying to play in 2017. As a warning- ddwrapper still causes the odd flicker and crash now and then and you can't alt-tab and the game is generally annoying me for a host of other reasons but I might still persevere. ts_ddraw.zip
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