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  1. I thought Tiberium was scripted because it's not a normal supply source for the Zero Hour version of the SAGE engine?
  2. Well crap. Maybe this mod really does need to be ported to Tiberium Wars, assuming that would help. Also the crew for the existing TD mod for Tiberium Wars has made it very clear they have no intention of ever making the Single Player campaigns. They claim it would be too much work. EDIT: I just had a thought, though. Is there any sort of scripting system in the game to do custom things? If so, is there any way to get it to store persistent variables? If so, have it make note of what got wasted in GDI 06 in a persistent variable and blow those same structures to hell when GDI 07 starts. But again, that would require something like the FSO (FreeSpace 2 Open) engine has with its scripting hooks and lua support.
  3. I realize this is an insanely deep grave-dig, but since the topic is here for fixes anyway, I found a bug. In GDI mission 06, you get orders you can't quite make out due to interference in the signal. You then take a commando in and go do damage to a base. In the original game, anything you blew up with the commando stayed gone. So if you, for example, took out the Hand of Nod, they wouldn't have it in GDI 07. There's even a strategy based around this mechanic that was used to make GDI 07 easier, but I won't spoil it for those who want to sort that out on their own. But in TDR, this intended behavior has not been preserved and it makes GDI 07 insanely hard even on easy difficulty. This should be fixed ASAP if possible.
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