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  1. Now now, I’m just trying to get some heads ups about Red Aler 2. Like I said, I haven’t played much and I would appreciate if anyone could give me some tips or tricks. We don’t need to talk about MO at all, in fact I was hoping to focus entirely on RA2. I’m just clearly stating my intent in the beginning and being honest when I encouraged people to check the mod out. Heldro what would you consider to be a key factor in determining games? Also, hi Lud0wig, fancy seeing you here.
  2. Hey there Commanders and Grunts. I wanted to ask the Red Alert 2 Community something special. You see, I make a little series called: Just the Basics for the mod, Mental Omega. The series is supposed to help new players adjust to the rigorous information cliff that one would need to know before being somewhat decent at multiplayer. For Episode Five I wanted to compare and contrast key differences between Vanilla Red Alert 2 multiplayer, and Mental Omega's multiplayer in order to point out some ways to either improve or correct. However, a HUGE ASS problem is that I don't really play Vanilla Yuri's Revenge multiplayer. The single player sure, but I've only ever played a single game of Cnc-Online. So I wouldn't be able to say what element of the multiplayer meta/game is crucially different between the two. From watching a couple of Byran's videos the only thing I can get is this: Tank Spam. But, I'm sure there's more than that, right? It would be a great benefit for me if anyone could respond to this, even the tiniest of details about Yuri's Revenge would be much appreciated. Also, if you haven't played Mental Omega yet, check it out! It's got a great, but difficult, single player and a decently sized multiplayer population too
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