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  1. 5 hours ago, Holland said:

    Guess its the same with infantry, Kain. It might be less for barracks since its cheaper

    But you can do some happy math on this

    Lets say 100 is normal build time

    Placing 2nd building is 15% faster so 115% build speed

    3rd: 15% of 115 is 17 so its 132% buildspeed

    4rd building, 15% of 132= 20 so 152%


    So it will spiral up. 15% more, 17% more, 20% more, 26%. Which means to see a big significant change you gonna need mannnyyy manyy


    @dkeeton is there a way to download the old ts-spawn that has the old multi factory? So Kain-naik can play with that one.


    Thanks for your help. After testing by building 30 barracks It's clear that multiple factory does no longer speed up the time to create infantry. It does still speed up the construction of everything else, but like you said a lot less slower. 

    Yeah if I could get some files so I can still play with the old setting for offline games, or if somebody could tell me what files to edit .... 

  2. Hey, I like to play a map called "Green moon" in skirmish mode against the computer.

    Sometimes I like to play with the option multiple factory on. This makes it so that all units build faster if you have more of the buildings that generate these units.


    But it stopped working, why is that? Now turning that option on or off in skirmish mode makes no change anymore. 

  3. I only want to see the game rooms I want to play, right now I see the game rooms of every game I have installed. There is a filter to filter out chat users that are playing the other games, but how do I filter out the games? When I want to play tibsun I don't want to see red alert games and vica versa.

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