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  1. Make sure your antivirus software isn't blocking cncnetyrlauncher.exe
  2. June was a bad month for the Tiberian Sun ladder. What needs to be done to get activity up?
  3. In the display options, try to switch the renderer to cnc-ddraw.
  4. Is the QM application closed before you try to update? I've attached the file, just unzip it and put it in the Qt folder in your Yuri's Revenge directory. CnCNetQM.zip
  5. You don't need any Battle.INI and it doesn't ship with the cncnet install. You don't need the WAV files either, that's not stopping it from loading. Something is either blocking it or there is a graphics card problem. Can you check your antivirus software and possibly add the Yuri's Revenge clientdx.exe and CnCNetYRLauncher.exe as trusted applications. Or try the OpenGL client by running Resources/clientogl.exe.
  6. 7.2 Quick Match client bug fixes. Game exe Patched to catch alt+f4 and surrender and quit rather than disconnecting. Other various bug patches.
  7. Try changing the renderer to cnc-ddraw in the Options menu.
  8. Try running as administrator.
  9. dkeeton

    TS one Mac

    You have to use Parallels, nothing else on Mac works as far as I know.
  10. dkeeton

    C&C Ultimate ( Origin)

    Have you installed cncnet yet? After installing cncnet, if it still doesn't work right, try open the cncnet options menu and set Renderer to cnc-ddraw.
  11. dkeeton

    CnCNet 7.1 not updating

    Some antivirus software like Avira is blocking it. You will have to added the Yuri's Revenge folder to trusted applications.
  12. dkeeton

    I Have Problem

    Make sure your game files are the same as all the other players. If you don't know , then reinstall the game and reinstall cncnet.
  13. It's a false report by your antivirus. TR/Dropper.Gen is not a virus, it's a cloud based guess that the file contains a virus, but it doesn't in this case.
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