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  1. I can't believe this is even a topic worth commenting on. The limpet drone is the most useless unit. Anything else that you can't build isn't important (Technician/librarian/preacher). The mobile gap generator can be meta-gamed, but, just a reminder, limpet drone was advertised as a unit that should be used to infiltrate enemy harvesters but it CANNOT deploy in Tiberium. Oh wait, I figured out how this topic is interesting... we're ranking the 2nd most useless unit that can be made/trained/built/constructed/bought. ... Makes sense. Carry on.
  2. Finally, after 2 pages of posts, someone asks the burning question. You have a real talent for brevity. If you could just boil this down to it's essence and repeatedly post it every 6-12 hours (and no need to be as verbose next time), I'm sure you'll change hearts and minds. Correct me if I'm wrong about your argument here: 1. Korc likes alt 2. Korc am cool 3. Alt be cool (Using the transitive property of coolness)
  3. Which aspect is not a bug/glitch? Are build-anywhere exploits glitches or bugs, should that be allowed too? Where do we draw the line?
  4. Tiberian Sun Players don't use edge-scrolling for map navigation. We all use right-click speed scrolling. You'll find the option to change it in the in-game options menu.
  5. Those are neutral buildings that are placed on the map for players to capture. You can see that the blue player is capturing them now.
  6. Hey Holland, we're looking in to this at the moment. We might need to do some thorough testing to make sure we haven't broke any other stuff. Can you join discord some time to test?
  7. Some good games of Tiberian Sun with some sometimes insightful commentary by me. Good games over the past weekend: Some lulz: A huge archive of Tiberian Sun point of view games and spectated games: Hope you enjoy.
  8. I've actually never seen shroud to regrow! Are you sure its possible? Regrowing shroud also crashed with the Trigger "101 Reshroud Map At...", The crate goodie that makes the entire map reshroud does work ofcourse, just like the trigger "51 Reshroud Map", but never a small piece like in RA2 Shroud regrowth rate is in the rules.ini under General, it works exactly how Fog Of War regrowth patterns work. Trigger 101: I think FinalSun is wrong here. I remember checking a while ago and I think that trigger is actually Anti-ping. Which should take a unit as an argument and it causes the unit to flash black. It's the opposite of ping which I think causes a unit flash white (for example: when you click to attack a building). You could verify my findings by creating a ping(or flash ... I can't remember the name) trigger and switch out trigger 101 with it and see if it does an anti-ping.
  9. AllyBySpawnLocation was added to the cncnet version of Tiberian Sun just this summer. The OP, Holland presented a great description and tutorial on how to make it work in you maps, but in fact there's more. The AllyBySpawnLocation mechanism allows for multiple profiles to be built so that a single map could work as "East vs West" and "North vs South" and "2v2v2v2" . Hence [AllyBySpawnLocation1], with emphasis on the 1. As of writhing this Jan 26, 2017, no Tiberian Sun client can support multiple AllyBySpanwLocation profiles, so this default tutorial describes the best way to do AllyBySpawnLocation for now.
  10. How did the badge system work?
  11. TS Has a random Map generator that still works in the CNC Net version of the game. It saves in INI format in a file name like SAVE4823.SED, but TS has a function that can write the current scenario to an ini map file. So theoretically this is possible. I might try it if I get bored sometime in the near future. This is a random map that I just generated. Surprisingly balanced. [RandomMap] Description=Another Width=2 Height=2 NumPlayers=4 Seed=27419 Biome=0 Time=1 RegionSize=13 Ruggedness=31 Accessibility=65 WaterAmount=13 Tiberium=63 TiberiumLayout=11 Vegetation=34 UrbanPresence=0 VeinholeMonsters=0 TiberiumWildlife=0 UseIonStorms=no UseBlueTiberium=no UseTransitions=no
  12. Fog of War causes crashes. I investigated it over the summer but I couldn't find a good way to prevent the crash and I gave up. When a partially fogged building gets redrawn because it's near the bottom or top of the screen the fogged building image gets drawn outside of the memory allocated for the screen and causes an access violation modern operating systems. It might not have caused a crash on ME and 98 because I don't think they protected unallocated memory pages. And I think it might not crash on XP systems if you were using an older graphics card. The regrowth of fog itself is the trigger for the crash so any regrowing Fog is out of the question. What is possible is to have regrowing shroud. If any one wants to try getting Fog working then feel free. I can send you all the information I have. Here is the TS repo so you can build test changes for yourself
  13. Just listened to it. Pretty good. I'd listen to more. Observation: you have the earliest memory of TRZ of anyone I've met. I was playing forest fires 8er late night (10pm - 2am Central) in 2002-2004. TRZ showed up and tried to change it so that RM gets bridge... bah. but either him or bruutal was the first that I ever saw try to build over the cliff in TM to get to the bridge faster. (or maybe United1999?!) Before 2002, I played lots of Docs Parking and other mods that I don't even remember anymore, I had a shared login that was a member of the Waamp clan (and other nicks that I don't remember). I hated grays just because of the money and how fast it played, truth is, I never had the skills to keep up with grays players. I really wish I could remember the old FF 8er crew. The one's I remember peaceprz aka I think killtheprez (or some variation of Kill the president (RIP)) dogshigh xmexyou r3sin aka Humble bruutal zayuin00 trz played alot too, although he probably doesn't think of himself as part of the crew he was the enemy of zayuin00 and so many that I can't remember. chime in if you played FF 8er 2002 to 2-thousand-now
  14. You have all the mix files you need. Can you delete expandmd09.mix and then try to launch the game with Origin.