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  1. Help CNC Downloading unsuccessfully!

    Can you update your video card drivers and make sure you have the latest Microsoft DirectX installed.
  2. What username do you use?
  3. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    The point of that "editor" commentary is that the AoE scenario editor is built in to the game and is meant to be part of the game. The Blizzard map editors are external tools that the average player will never even be aware of. His other videos on game design are interesting too.
  4. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    Oh, a fellow nerd. Not meaning to hijack this thread, but this guy has some interesting things to say about RTS games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5SAfTSIOE4
  5. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    , the guy has done lots of interviews and I don't remember which one he talks about resolution, Just some google "Louis Castle interview" if you have a few hours to burn. Joe Bostic is the other main guy from WW: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/19epje/i_am_joe_bostic_22_year_game_developer_11_years/
  6. 25% faster Nod vehicle build speed..? WOW

    Another factor that's not being discussed here nor in the other thread is that WW likely made the game to be played at 30fps on a max 640 pixel wide monitor. The low fps make reaction time gaps less important and so it would also make bikes less dominant. With low fps engineer saves become easier and early engineer attacks become harder execute. Having a tiny screen resolution also changes how players choose their army size before attacking, I think Louis Castle talked about that being a factor in game design for cnc.
  7. Controlling massive amounts of units in a laggy game causes recons. You can try to set Frame send rate to 10 in those games and it might not recon. To change frame send rate type in /FRAMESENDRATE 10 in the cncnet game room.
  8. It's not likely that anyone is doing recon errors on purpose to prevent losing to you. Do you play a specific map or style of map?
  9. Anti bailing measures and connection fixes

    You can still see the enemy's side in the ally screen. Hiding the side is just meant to prevent people from disconnecting at the load screen.
  10. I've attached the rulesmd.ini file. rulesmd.7z
  11. Yes. You just need an INI context differ. They exist.
  12. I mean, if you changed [something] 1=firstthing 2=secondthing to [something] 1=firstthing 2=secondthing 3=extrathing then create a file like [something] 3=extrathing So, in other words, only include the difference.
  13. @TK3600 Can you create files that contain only your changes that are different from the base rules and ai.ini files. (and any other files). This is something that might be able to be included as an option the CnCNet Launcher.
  14. gaming foot pedal

    I bet you didn't view the linked product.
  15. gaming foot pedal

    What other genre of games would benefit more? I can literally think of no other sport that would benefit more from foot-control other than kickboxing.