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  1. dkeeton

    Tiberian Sun crashes on macOS 10.13.6

    Can you force an update by going online one time. (You don't have to play a game).
  2. dkeeton

    What's the obsession with highest game speed?

    This is not true. Most players are very sensitive to 60fps. See below: I believe the game was designed to be played at 60fps in online multiplayer. There was an interview with a Westwood developer who said that during play testing they found that players wanted to play at the highest game speed. This was even back in 1995. The novelty of seeing the animations wears off after a few dozen hours of game play.
  3. Firestorm does not stop any missles or seeker. It will stop the cluster that fall from the multimissle, so if you wall up your firestorm generator it can't be killed by a multi-missle (but it still can be killed by 1 chemical missle). I also remember that it stopped all missles, but that's apparently wrong. And other people remember it correctly (Mandela effect?)
  4. dkeeton

    Can I play RA2 with WIN10?

  5. dkeeton

    Tiberian Sun | Pink/Black screen on load and play

    How did you install? If you have cncnet installed then use it to go online to force an update and then go in to Tiberian Sun setting from the cncnet client and set the renderer to Automatic. If you don't have cncnet installed then install this https://downloads.cncnet.org/TSpatch.exe and do the same as above.
  6. dkeeton

    Do i need YR to play ra2 on cncnet?

    EA's Origin store.
  7. dkeeton

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    That's not at all what we are talking about. We want to know if ra2 mode is different from ra2.
  8. dkeeton

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    Have you tried it recently?
  9. dkeeton

    Will there be a QM ra2 mode ?

    The only differences that people have reported are flak deals more damage, garrisoned units get promoted and some ship can't be selected when it's shooting. Do you know of anything else? Flak could be nerfed if anyone could say how much less damage they should do. (10%,15%?)
  10. Start here: https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/installing-command-conquer-red-alert-2-yuris-revenge/ Skip to "I have the retail CD version and DO use Windows 10." Follow all steps and click all the links in the steps
  11. dkeeton

    CNC QM runtime error

    You need to update Yuri's Revenge. The version should be 4.08
  12. dkeeton

    Can't download Tiberian Sun.

    You can install the single player campaign on to a portable USB drive from a computer with internet access.
  13. dkeeton


    What game are you trying to play?
  14. dkeeton

    Getting Error

    I don't know. Maybe OBS would be better for you?
  15. dkeeton

    infantry units are too underpowered compared to tanks!

    Why would barracks be the first production building? If the game was meant to be tanks only then why barracks first? Shouldn't they have just made the war factory available from the start?