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  1. New Laptop, CNCNET not working to full capacity!

    Sounds like a Windows Defender or firewall problem.
  2. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    What is your reasoning for that? To force another power plant before Soviets can build a radar or 2nd war factory.
  3. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    I'm also someone who doesn't play Yuri's Revenge and I don't know what I'm talking about, but... It didn't seem to me that the game needs a lot of mods to balance allied vs soviet. Just soviet power plant should be nerfed 150 -> 100.
  4. Tiberian Sun: Please some help on that

    The easiest way is to download it here: http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta11r6.exe
  5. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Yay!, I thought nobody understood my concept but you clearly do! (I'm not insane) Thanks! This is very useful. You've almost got the idea.... best so far. Looking at your list maybe we need more than 12 entries. But also don't forget we can duplicate maps when creating scenarios. See and understand what @Ezer_2000 said in the quoted text above.
  6. You can try to delete all the wav files, (I have a feeling this, won't work for you because you are crashing before they get loaded). Resources/Yuri Theme/button.wav Resources/Yuri Theme/checkbox.wav Resources/Yuri Theme/dropdown.wav Resources/Yuri Theme/gamecreated.wav Resources/Yuri Theme/joingame.wav Resources/Yuri Theme/leavegame.wav Resources/Yuri Theme/message.wav Or you can use Linux to play, it works for skirmish. It's free and better than Windows already. Ubuntu tends to be the easiest for most people.
  7. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Why would you not veto all the scenarios that have starting units if you are playing allies? I don't think anyone understands the concept of Scenarios and vetoes. That's my fault, I have failed.
  8. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Thanks, this is useful. If no one submits any Scenarios, I'll make up my own using this list.
  9. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    I'm asking what Scenarios would you like to have included. If people don't want crates, there will be no scenarios with crates. I'm going to enter the Scenarios in the Quick Match database soon so I'm looking for a list like this: Scenario 1: Map = Blood Feud, SuperWeapons = Yes, Short Game = Yes, MCV Redeploy = Yes, Build Off Ally (BOA) = Yes, Units = 0, all else = No Scenario 2: Map = Blood Feud, SuperWeapons = No, Short Game = Yes, MCV Redeploy = Yes, BOA = Yes, Units = 10 Scenario 3: Map = East Vs Best, SuperWeapons = Yes, Short Game = Yes, MCV Redeploy = Yes, BOA = Yes, Spawn Locations = 1,5 Scenario 4:... ... Scenario 31:... We can have up to 31 Scenarios in the pool. But I think it should be around 15 just to make it approachable for new players. To keep things fresh we can alter the pool each month or ladder-season. You don't get to choose your faction like that. This is how it works: On the client: 1. Sign in to QM and choose your side aka faction or random 2. Choose your scenario vetoes 3. Click Quick Match! and wait for a matchup. From here on you cannot change your side or vetoes until you cancel the matchup request. On the server: 1. Player is entered in to the Quick Match player pool. You are compared to all players in the Quick Match pool and if there is another player waiting with the same skill level as you then you get matched up. The scenario that neither of you have vetoed gets randomly chosen. Any players whose side is random, a faction will be chosen. Info is sent back to the client to spawn the game. 2. If you don't get matched then you wait, the longer you wait the more likely you'll get matched up with someone who is outside your skill level. Hope this helps.
  10. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Yes the scenario is randomly chosen just the before the game is started and the players will only find out the map and spawn locations just before the Loading screen starts. You can veto scenarios you don't like, so as long as there are few enough of the weirder scenarios, they shouldn't have a big impact. For the veto system: All the maps are selected by default, you unselect all the scenarios you want to veto. After that step you will be allowed to enter the quick match system. This type of logic won't be possible initially. We can include 3 player maps and 4 player maps in the 1v1 pool too, if needed. It seems to me that Yuri is generally not allowed to be chosen in most game rooms, but you can choose random and get it. Shouldn't we follow the same logic in the quick match system?
  11. What maps and settings should be in a 1v1 Yuri's Revenge Quick Match map pool? Even better than a "Map" pool, we can have a "Scenario" pool... half of the "Scenarios" could be veto-able. A "Scenario" is a map + the rules and spawn locations of the map. (aka game-room check boxes + spawn locations). For example. Scenario 1: Map = Blood Feud, SuperWeapons = Yes, Short Game = Yes, MCV Redeploy = Yes, Build Off Ally (BOA) = Yes, Units = 0, all else = No Scenario 2: Map = Blood Feud, SuperWeapons = No, Short Game = Yes, MCV Redeploy = Yes, BOA = Yes, Units = 10 Scenario 3: Map = East Vs Best, SuperWeapons = Yes, Short Game = Yes, MCV Redeploy = Yes, BOA = Yes, Spawn Locations = 1,5 If we had 12 Scenarios, up to 5 could be veto-able. Community made and modded maps are allowed in Scenarios. I want to hear from YR players... P.S. I know nobody wants to have starting units on Blood Feud, these are examples of what things are possible. I'm not asking for your opinion on my 3 totally contrived examples, I'm asking for you to come up with 12 examples of your own Scenarios that you would not veto.
  12. GDI did 9/11

    Sure that explains the initial explosion in tower 1. What about Tower 2, Tower 7 and the secret Martian listening post in Tower J? Here's what they don't want you to know... Click here to subscribe, don't forget to finger bang that like button... Everyone told him his insurance payment would be too expensive but they didn't know this one little trick... She clipped coupons every day for a year, you'll never believe what happened next... he bought 500 yards of wax paper, you'll never believe what he did with it... He made a stupid forum post about 9/11 but you'll never believe how it ended (even NASA has changed the history books) Now for the big reveal.... To bring it all down, GDI would need over 1000 well trained disc throwers surrounding the buildings in a figure double-8. And... nothing could detonate that many disc throwers other than Kane, himself, sending in Devil's Tongues... TRUTH BOMBS, WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!1
  13. Can you upload your crash log? Go to your game folder and get the most recent log file from Client\ErrorLogs
  14. Which version should i play for campaign?

    The cncnet version comes with everything needed to play the campaign. Other versions will need to be patched to play. http://tore29.com/tsins/TSinstaller3-beta11r6.exe
  15. From the launcher, can you go to options and make sure Single Processor Affinity is checked.