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  1. Are you loading a game with cncnet?
  2. It's in /usr/bin/cncnet after you install the .deb. edit it with sudo nano /usr/bin/cncnet
  3. There is not any good option to install from CD on Windows 10 since the safedisc driver that's needed has been removed from Windows 10. You can buy the ultimate collection from the EA Origin store or you can try to get the game for free through origin by using these instructions: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Origin-Access-Subscription/How-to-add-old-games-to-Origin/td-p/6781767#:~:text=Redeem your Product Code on,to click Redeem Product Code…
  4. dkeeton

    GJ @dkeeton

    Thanks for pointing that out. The multiple factory setting was incorrectly enabled and set to a low value, it's been fixed now.
  5. It is, but even there, I don't see that download anywhere on cnc-comm.
  6. That download is not from this website. Use these downloads from here: https://cncnet.org/tiberian-sun#download
  7. You have to tell the installer where you have Yuri's Revenge installed so that cncnet can be installed on top of it.
  8. This is a false positive. The source code for the launcher is here: https://github.com/CnCNet/dta-mg-client-launcher
  9. The missing wav files are not a problem. You should open the Settings menu and set the Renderer to either ts-ddraw, cnc-ddraw, or ddrawcompat.
  10. Yes, all the patches needed to play the games from Yuri's Revenge and earlier are available in the download menu here on the CnCNet website.
  11. Install tspatch.exe again and if the game doesn't run then open up tsconfig.exe (which was installed by tspatch) and change the renderer until you find one that works.
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