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  1. where is the ladder of yuri ?

    Masters league has the top rated players and contenders league has everyone else. Everyone can still play games with players from both leagues in quick match.
  2. I won this ladder game, but gave me a loss

    I don't know why that happened. I've corrected it.
  3. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    Doesn't no dog eng work well together with multi-engineer? I'm curious why people don't like multi-eng.
  4. Graphic Card Issue

    Please update to 3.75.
  5. Graphic Card Issue

    can you post a screenshot of the error?
  6. Graphic Card Issue

    Do you have CnCNet client version 3.74 and CnCNetQM version 1.30?
  7. Framesendrate Suggestions

    Reasonable number for FrameSendRate is between 3(Probably Recon at the start) and 10 (Mind numbingly slow). Originally,, LAN was 4 and WOL was 7 to 10.
  8. This is interesting. It shows that Terraces is a huge map in RA2 but it's not really considered to be a big map in Tiberian Sun. I played a skirmish and I couldn't tell if my tanks slowed down as the drove over the sand in the middle. In TS tanks move slower on that middle sand and on the "cracked" ground near top left, left middle and above the pond.
  9. Resize Minimap/Radar

    There is no way to resize the minimap at all.
  10. Graphic Card Issue

    Are you able to play a skirmish? From the regular client?
  11. Cannot log in

    You just have to wait and let the game find a server to connect to.
  12. nod buggy glitch TS ladder

    It's been fixed.
  13. Any needed file is included with the CnCNet installation. Try some different renderers from the settings menu. Most people have best performance with ts-ddraw. Some have good performance with ie-ddraw. Go through them all at least once in skirmish and pick the fastest one.

    Did you do Step 2 in the blue box from the link I provided? https://staging.cnc-comm.com/account?tutorial=true Step 2 - Add a new username?
  15. Cannot log in

    Is this problem still happening?