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  1. At least one other person was able to solve their problem by running this tool from Microsoft:
  2. I do have it in the works, but I have a lot on my plate at the moment.
  3. Check for yourself. New videos every week.
  4. Sorry, I probably shouldn't have said that. To me it looks slow but I don't play RA2. I would listen the real players on this subject instead of me. I noticed that too, I don't know if it will be possible, but I can try to fix it.
  5. The game resolution in the video isn't 4k. I think the vertical resolution is somewhere between 1760 and 1800. The max for YR seems to be around 30 boxes on the sidebar and that's the cause of crashes you get when trying run 4k. I'll try to port over the TS patch... Tiberian Sun had the same problem with 4k and @FunkyFr3sh was able to patch it. The match in the video looked slow as hell to me, so you might not even want to run 4k when the update does come out.
  6. Are you getting this error?
  7. Can anyone upload their except.txt file from the Yuri Directory?
  8. I don't understand the scenario fully. Did you have 2 humans in the game? And one human declared war on you and attacked?
  9. I can't believe this is even a topic worth commenting on. The limpet drone is the most useless unit. Anything else that you can't build isn't important (Technician/librarian/preacher). The mobile gap generator can be meta-gamed, but, just a reminder, limpet drone was advertised as a unit that should be used to infiltrate enemy harvesters but it CANNOT deploy in Tiberium. Oh wait, I figured out how this topic is interesting... we're ranking the 2nd most useless unit that can be made/trained/built/constructed/bought. ... Makes sense. Carry on.
  10. Finally, after 2 pages of posts, someone asks the burning question. You have a real talent for brevity. If you could just boil this down to it's essence and repeatedly post it every 6-12 hours (and no need to be as verbose next time), I'm sure you'll change hearts and minds. Correct me if I'm wrong about your argument here: 1. Korc likes alt 2. Korc am cool 3. Alt be cool (Using the transitive property of coolness)
  11. Which aspect is not a bug/glitch? Are build-anywhere exploits glitches or bugs, should that be allowed too? Where do we draw the line?
  12. Tiberian Sun Players don't use edge-scrolling for map navigation. We all use right-click speed scrolling. You'll find the option to change it in the in-game options menu.
  13. Those are neutral buildings that are placed on the map for players to capture. You can see that the blue player is capturing them now.
  14. Hey Holland, we're looking in to this at the moment. We might need to do some thorough testing to make sure we haven't broke any other stuff. Can you join discord some time to test?