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  1. dkeeton

    CNCNET Crashes randomly in Game

    If nothing else works, try to set your VM to have only one CPU/Core.
  2. dkeeton


    Are you using left click to give orders?
  3. dkeeton

    Is there any map database?!

    You can try searching by changing the url here http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=glowing
  4. dkeeton

    Laugh isn't working (F10)

    Yes it's the renderer, it will be fixed in the next udpate.
  5. dkeeton

    Chrono Miner Blocking

    Using a Chrono Miner to block units from exiting an enemy war factory is considered a cheat and will trigger disciplinary action if done in a ladder match.
  6. dkeeton

    QM still not working

    That log does not have an attempted login in it. Can you take a screenshot?
  7. dkeeton

    graphic white

    The the cncnet YR client uses DirectDX. I guess you were able to tell is is the game itself and not the client. ...But you could still be wrong because ts-ddraw uses opengl and you'll get a white screen if the OpenGL drivers are too old.
  8. dkeeton

    QM still not working

    Can you upload you qm-log file? from QM/qm-log.txt
  9. dkeeton

    graphic white

    First thing is to make sure you graphics card drivers are up to date and you have the latest directx drivers installed.
  10. dkeeton

    enable alt building way points

    Under [Options] put AltToRally=Yes
  11. dkeeton

    red alert 2/Yuris revenge on windows 10

    Sounds like you only need to install cncnet in your RA2 folder. https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge#download
  12. Open the .SED file with notepad and copy the info from there using the example maps I linked here as a guide. Make sure you change the map name in the Basic section.
  13. dkeeton

    Map Maker?

    ssleay32.dll is in openssl. https://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html
  14. dkeeton

    CnCnet crashes on start - client.log included

    Make sure that you have DirectX installed and that your graphics card drivers are up to date.
  15. You can make a random map. You have to do it with a text editor. Open the map file in notepad or something similar and edit the values how you like. Put the map in /Maps/Custom/ then restart the cncnet client. Here are some examples. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/ts/4251b164242784de7a0bf1ee1a8b8d59db131095.zip http://mapdb.cncnet.org/ts/195bc7663d93bdbc49d7cc5c20dbaed72c582db1.zip