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  1. Thanks a lot for replying! I checked everywhere in "spawn" and "rules" (identical files really) and nowhere is there any instruction as to infantry being auto-fired upon by the cruiser. Could you please tell me what line there does this?
  2. I honestly think the difficulty variation in this game has a really strange pattern. Usually (especially in old school games of that time) a game's difficulty is easy and gradually increases with each next level, often being the ultimate test of your gaming skill in the final level. Here though, you get a nightmare level followed by something like the level where your base is on an island, tons of ore and cash and enemy never even attacks - in other words super hard followed by super easy. Lol unless they did it on purpose, or didn't plan too far as to difficulty variation. The snow level I mentioned - the only way I finished it was using mine layers to constantly lay mines, replace them, else the huge vehicle troops take you out. I even played on slow-mo as this level throws all that at you every minute.
  3. Hey guys. I'm wondering if the AI cheats in campaign game. Playing Allied game now, the level in snow where you start with half destroyed base and need to build it up, and defend the chronosphere that's already there, in which there is some vital experiment taking place. I was shocked to learn that I could destroy every ore truck of the AI enemy, but they keep and keep building new ones, as if they never run out of cash. I think it happens in other levels too. Seems like they get cash sneakily from elsewhere and thus unfair lol. Any thoughts?
  4. Lol thanks for answering, I accidentally found out that as you said you gotta destroy all enemy units and structures. Can't believe this lol there was 1 transport boat standing at my shore. Destroyed it and won the mission. Hmmm I wonder why the developers would make 1 very lying briefing. To simulate bad information delivery does happen in war? Lol. Weird.
  5. Hey guys. I started playing through Red Alert 1 a week ago. I have it installed off the disk using the C&C installer for modern systems. Everything was going normally as I am going through Soviet campaign, but in level 13, where you must destroy all radar domes and then capture chronosphere - I have destroyed all radar domes, when I send in an engineer to chronosphere the "announcer" says "Mission objective reached. Mission failed.". WTH? I reached the target but failed? Now I'm stuck on #13 because of this. Did anybody else have this? Is it a bug in C&C installer? How to solve? Help hugely appreciated, thanks!
  6. Hey, RA fellows! Please help. 1) How do I mod the game so that cruisers automatically shoot enemy infantry? They currently have to be ordered to do that. 2) How do I increase the area damage of cruisers' shells? Tried setting "spread" variable in rules.ini but it did nothing. Thanks!
  7. Lol I should try to hack into their hard-coded aspects see if I can override stuff to make it happen.
  8. That's what I also thought, that all that'll change if replacing the ballistic projectile with tank one, is the trajectory - it'll be a straight line. But no, for some reason it then flies in slow-mo. Also, I know this has been asked and discussed, but nobody gave a solution yet so if you know what can be done - how can I mod RA so that the AI in skirmish builds naval bases and nuke silo and some other stuff it just never builds? It would add more fun to the opponent.
  9. AchromicWhite, Thanks for the reply. I don't think it's to do with range, because note that at closer distances like say 5 cells, the cruiser hits virtually on target. Moreover, cruiser doesn't miss in any direction when shooting far: if shooting strictly North, South, East or West, irrespective of distance the cruiser hits on target. I think at 45 degrees between these directions it also hits target (i.e. North-West etc.), but at any other direction it overshoots if from long distance. Your suggestion of assigning a tank projectile (non ballistic) does solve this, but for some reason the projectile flies in slow-mo to target, taking like up to 20 seconds to arrive?
  10. Hey, RA comrades! I've achieved pretty much anything I wanted by modifying the rules.ini file, but have been trying something unsuccessfully for over a week now: I want to make the cruiser ships' guns shoot with right-on-target accuracy. So that they shoot as accurately as say a heavy tank. I've tried setting: - Inaccurate=no - BallisticScatter=0.0 - Gravity among some other values. Nothing seems to affect the cruisers' accuracy. If anybody can help I'd be very grateful!
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