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  1. Yes you're probably right. I'm probably confusing it with a crate I saw one time. How's Vet 1.6b different from 1.5? I've had a few more games in and I'd note that this fast Vet patch thing changes gameplay a little in that it makes MK for example significantly more valuable. Whether this change is good or bad is subjective i guess.
  2. I see. Thanks for the information. It was indeed impossibly rare for most units to ever get to veteran or star status. But IIRC, didn't a starred MK become invisible? (I might be remembering wrongly though as that was an extraordinarily rare occurrence.)
  3. Hi I'm an old player (1999-2004, was one of the top players from 2002). It occurred to me a few days ago to Google "tiberian sun" and I found this CNCnet, and I must say it's very impressive. Job well done to whoever's doing it! The modified Terrace map is great (auto-ally and also TL fix). I am wondering though about the "Veteran 1.5" thing. I noticed that this seems to upgrade units to veteran status much more quickly than before. So I have two questions: (1) How exactly/precisely does it work (in particular, as compared to the original)? (2) What was the rationale for adding it? (I haven't played enough games to have much of an opinion on whether it's a good thing. So I was wondering why whoever that added it, added it.)