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  1. Hi Lightning, sorry to effectively stalk you on here but a fairly simple way of fixing this issue would be to adjust the rifle soldier's 'sight' in rules.ini to the maximum size of a map (500 would probably do). This way, they'll simply see through all the shroud for the entire map, thus making it explored. You may need to adjust a few units to ensure you always have this ability, as not all maps may start with a rifle soldier but you could adjust on the go if need be. Hopefully I am not too late and you didn't have to go through every single mission adding a reveal trigger.
  2. Lightning Hunter, I couldn't help notice this thread while looking for campaigns to add to the game. I have quite a bit of experience with Triggers and Mission Design from the many years I spent doing so back in the day. Excluding the fact I am a little rusty I would love to help clean up any missions that have trigger issues if you require assistance.
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