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  1. I am just extremely busy with work and life these days... I sure would like to get back in to some C&C though. Maybe once summer is over and work slows down I can be more active again!
  2. Well, I am glad to hear that. Despite a few mission-specific problems, this compilation should still provide over 400 working missions for everyone.
  3. What problems did you have after installing the mega compilation? The only bugs I know of that exist so far are mission-specific (and only with a few missions). If there are any technical bugs, I need to know of them.
  4. I need to officially release the mega compilation, but it seems a few people don't want me to until a few bugs are ironed out. The problem is, I'm not sure how I'm going to fix those bugs, like the invisible buildings in flame dancers set 2 (only happens sometimes). Bask185 also disappeared, and I don't really want to modify his missions without his permission or presence.
  5. Lightning Hunter

    C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    I guess my memory is starting to slip, given the fact I've been playing C&C sin I guess my memory is starting to slip, given the fact I've been playing C&C since it came out. I would still like to solve the music issue, however. Nyerguds might be able to help with that one (I hope).
  6. Lightning Hunter

    C&C95 v1.06c revision 4?

    I've noticed a few bugs in recent days that I never noticed before, although I don't know why they suddenly exist or if they have to do with the 1.06c patch. The first thing I noticed is that every time I load a saved game, track #70 in my customized "themes.ini" plays. Every time. I have the Nintendo 64 version of "Radio" set as this track, and I am getting tired of hearing it. Does this have to do with a corrupted .ini file or something? The other thing I noticed is that only one troop can be ordered to go in to an APC at a time. I could have sworn you could previously select 5 troops, click on an APC, and they would eventually all go in (as long as the APC was not moving or stuck against a building or something). However, now only one troop will go in at a time, and you have to manually send them all in.
  7. Lightning Hunter

    Tiberian Dawn - Extended Operations *SEPTEMBER UPDATE*

    I'm now on the 9th GDI mission (Trail of Tears). It's refreshing to see the snow theme! These missions are well designed and play very similar to the original C&C missions. The only thing I miss so far is more missions involving clever capturing/selling of enemy bases. Perhaps I will see this more later on. Most of these missions involve setting up a base from scratch or using a set group of units to destroy an outpost. Some of my favorite C&C missions involved taking over the enemy base with engineers and having limited funds to accomplish your mission. Regardless, I am having all sorts of fun with these missions - so it's not a big deal! Darkstar, have you considered adding a story to these missions and having them played in order? You could basically have a sequel to C&C by doing such a thing!
  8. Lightning Hunter

    Tiberian Dawn - Extended Operations *SEPTEMBER UPDATE*

    I am glad to hear some of the missions are lower tech. Sometimes I enjoy such missions more than those with all the technology! I beat the second GDI mission with ease. These missions definitely have an old school feel to them so far. I am enjoying them. No bugs yet. Edit: I am now on GDI mission 5 (I just beat the Badlands). I have to say, I was worried these missions were going to be slapped together since there are so many, but I am happy to report that they are not. Quality stuff so far, Darkstar! The only thing is that your difficulty ratings on page 1 seem to be different from my own experience, but I'm sure every player has different skill sets. I actually found the Badlands level to be quite easy, whereas mission 2 (Airland Battle) was challenging. I only beat it with 1 minigunner and two tanks that had a sliver of red health left. Of course, that was only my experience - and the missions should not be changed.
  9. Lightning Hunter

    New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    That did the trick, thanks!
  10. Lightning Hunter

    Tiberian Dawn - Extended Operations *SEPTEMBER UPDATE*

    Started playing through this last night! Better late than never, eh? I must be out of practice, because I actually found it difficult to take out the bases in the map "Where Eagles Dare". I built up an army of rocket launchers, Mammoth Tanks, and light infantry - and I got my butt kicked with the AI rebuilding power plants and obelisks (I initially took them out with air strikes and an Ion cannon). On top of that, my construction yard was taken out by a nuclear strike. Usually when I start playing C&C from a long break, I warm up by going through the official missions - which start you out with the basics. Your missions jump you right in to all the technology, including a nuclear capable AI. I am still having fun though! Hehe. By the way, the briefing for Where Eagles Dare says "one" instead of "won". Something like, "this battle will have to be one with boots on the ground."
  11. Lightning Hunter

    New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    Any way to get them back?
  12. Lightning Hunter

    New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    I think I'll just stick with modifying ddraw.ini itself instead of using the tool, since vsync always causes lag for me. By the way, is there a way to stretch the main menu to fit my screen? I swear it used to fill the whole screen, but now it only takes up about half of it. I've always kept my resolution at the same (1024x768).
  13. Lightning Hunter

    New cnc-ddraw release (Red Alert 1 & C&C95)

    Hey Funky, are you able to place the "MaxFPS" setting from ddraw.ini to the config tool? I noticed a bug in which setting the maxfps higher than 120 will revert it back to the default when launching the tool. I personally use the maxfps setting to increase/decrease my scrolling speed, and to fix the crackling audio while using the HD Music pack.
  14. Hey Darkstar, can you send me the updated pack? I am finally ready to play through some missions, and I can give you some bug reports. I just don't want to mention bugs you have already fixed, however.
  15. I used "XCC Mix Editor" found in the XCC Utility pack for my Red Alert compilation: http://xhp.xwis.net/ By the way, real life got in the way of me ever playing any C&C missions. Hopefully soon.