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  1. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    Which buildings were invisible? I'm not sure what is causing it. I need more specifics before fixing this bug! As for the Desert Theater, is this a bug with the theater itself, or just the one mission? Which mission is having the problem?
  2. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    It's in the Mega Compilation, Messiah! As for the individual download link, Nyergud's gave it to me originally and even helped me extract the content - since it was a DOS executable (I think). I need to go ahead and just release this compilation officially. I think it has been in beta testing long enough, and I've had everything ready to go for some time now.
  3. Fantastic job, Chimas! You sure do put a lot of work in to all the documentation. I for one am very thankful.
  4. These questions are exactly why I decided to make all the Red Alert missions in my Mega Compilation appear in the menu individually. With the exception of missions that carry units over (there are fewer than 10 of them), each individual mission from a campaign appears in the selection menu in case there are ever problems with one mission and people can't continue. I figure the chances are too high that someone will get halfway through a campaign, and can't beat a particular mission due to some bug... I do admire all the work Chimas is putting in to making sure the campaigns in the huge collection work. It's a lot of effort to do so! I haven't had time to play even a fraction of the missions contained in the Mega Compilation.
  5. Uninstall Red Alert

    Wow, that is a ridiculous web page. I already tried disabling my adblocker and NoScript a month ago, but it still didn't work. Turns out, I had to use Internet Explorer and set the security setting to the lowest. In other words, even IE on the default settings would not allow that download link to work...
  6. Uninstall Red Alert

    Allen, that download link no longer works so you know.
  7. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    I think RAED is the only way to make a cave themed map if you are going to do one. I haven't tested edwin... I don't even know if it has been updated properly. You have 8 spots for now, although I can always increase the number of slots if needed.
  8. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    I have only released two beta versions of the compilation so far. Version1 of the compilation will be released very soon, along with a new "official" thread! I'm not sure why RAED is crashing for you. I haven't managed to get it to crash yet on my end! All I did when editing maps was select the graphic name on the right side, and double click in the map to add the piece. Then again, I haven't messed with the cave theme that much... Maybe Funky could explain things better, since it is his high-res version of RAED? As for which mission files are available, open the folder called "_Readme Files" in the mega compilation archive, and look for the text file "~Mission Order.txt". That file lists the currently used/available slots for maps. Note that your new missions are using cmu80-91 currently (they will be included in the next archive). I reserved 92-99 for any future missions you create!
  9. By the way Nyer, I meant to ask you about this. When you say mini-campaigns, are you strictly referring to maps that continue without taking you back to the menu? If so, then it seems to me that Darkstar's Extended Operations all behave as individual missions (as far as I can tell, they each take you back to the menu after completing) - so they should be fine occupying any slot, right?
  10. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    Hey Bask, you need to download the high-res version of Edwin by Funky, which allows you to view/use all cave tiles: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2644-edwin-map-editor-patches-high-resolution-patch-and-more/ I figured you already had this version, but I guess not! The black tile is Wall0001. I really hope you can create a cave mission, because this beautiful tile set is not used anywhere! It really is a shame, since it comes with so many great tiles. Any cave missions that are created will be exclusively emphasized with the release of my mega compilation.
  11. Missile Submarines can't attack boats?

    Why is it that RA won't let me use Missile Submarines to attack enemy gunboats? It gives me the "x" symbol. Oddly enough, if I force fire one square away from enemy boats, the missiles will damage them... Is this a bug, or intended? I never really used missile ships much in the past. In fact, I am embarrassed to say that I never played all the Aftermath missions until now.
  12. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    Does anyone know how to hack an .exe to give it developer information, version info, etc.?? A lot of people who use windows 10 can't open the "ra95_sp.exe" included in the zip archive above, and I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the version info in-game says "?????". Also, I noticed under the .exe details that it labels the "original file" as ra95.exe. This is likely because I renamed it. Perhaps some of this stuff forbids people from opening this file in Win10?
  13. In that case, if you In that case, if you reach 400, maybe you can just skip the numbers that darkstar uses (if he picks 400-xxx). In the mega compilation I just did for RA, I left certain mission numbers wide open for people to use.
  14. Tiberian Dawn - Extended Operations *SEPTEMBER UPDATE*

    Hey Darkstar, is it possible for you to change the mission number of these missions so they work alongside the Huge Collection by Chimas? At the moment, your missions cannot be installed at the same time as the collection, because they have conflicts. I believe SCG400-800 are not being used for GDI (Chimas can confirm this), and the same should apply for NOD. It would be nice if I didn't have to swap in and our your missions!
  15. Beta Testing for Mega Compilation

    Today I installed a fresh copy of Red Alert using Funky's RA1Installer, joined CNCNet to get the rest of the files, and installed my mega compilation. I then joined a game with the purpose of testing. CNCNet seemed to work just fine, even with the optional files installed. I played a game until the end (I of course got slaughtered), and there were no issues. Funny enough, the tiberium mix file replacement worked for me when I played the online game. In other words, I was able to see tiberium instead of gold/ore, but nobody else was. I never imagined that CNCNet would allow you to modify the graphics of your own installation, and still join a game! I have decided to include all the tileset files with the mega compilation, because I noticed that the RA1installer does not give them to you by default. These files are only downloaded when you join CNCNet for the first time. As such, I am including them as a fail-safe in case someone installs RA1 without joining CNCNet (for the sake of playing offline, which is what I do). I am sending out beta2 soon, which includes some fixes, as well as brand new missions from Bask185! Edit: I have uploaded BETA2. Here are the changes: -Added 11 brand new missions by Bask185! They are at the very top of the list. -Updated the optional tiberium files. They now have better graphics in two files: one that replaces all gold/ore with green tiberium, and one that replaces all gems with blue tiberium. They work in all original and custom tile sets. -Fixed the broken "Peregrine - Thrill of the Hunt" mission. -Tweaked some readme files, and removed "scu44ea.ini" from the zip archive - because I realized that ra95_sp.exe fixes this broken mission without the updated .ini file! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nfnh53o6b3qhldb/MegaCompilationBETA2.ZIP