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  1. Messiah, for some reason I can't PM you or Funky. It says the two of you "can't receive messages". Is your inbox full or something?
  2. Already did! The screenshots are in a folder with the rest of the Readme files.
  3. Beta has been sent! Funky, it said you could not receive private messages. How do you want me to get you the download link? Nyerguds, if you read this, I sent the beta to you also - just because I respect your input.
  4. I guess I will have to extract the contents of all the sc-xxx.mix files, and place them all in sc-missions.mix if I want the zip archive to look clean.
  5. Great! I have an issue though... While doing the final packaging, I decided to put all 100+ mix files I have inside sc-missions.mix, and it is not working (the missions won't appear in the list). I thought Red Alert could read MIX files within MIX files?
  6. Hey Funky, I just wanted to say thanks for this awesome utility. I have completed the compilation tonight, and am just packaging it and doing last minute bug checks. Would you be willing to beta test this compilation? In particular, I REALLY need you to make sure none of these files will cause issues for people who play online. There should be absolutely no conflicts or issues, and this should work together with CNCNet and the RA1Installer flawlessly... You might be the only person who can verify this.
  7. Ah. No big deal then! There are plenty of other tile sets. It's still a fun idea though to have the Dune tile set in Red Alert.
  8. Hey Messiah, nice job. If you get this out in time and are able to update the modded .exe file you gave me last month, I might use the tileset for a few of the missions in the Mega Compilation (especially some of the missions that are just converted skirmish maps).
  9. The Mega Compilation is nearing completion, and I need a few volunteers to do some beta testing. Obviously, I do not expect anyone to play through all 400+ missions that are in this compilation. Rather, I am just hoping a few people can make sure it installs and runs just fine. I personally launched every single mission and read every single briefing to make sure they at least loaded fine, but it would be nice if a few other people browsed the menu at least to make sure I didn't miss anything. Funky, I have decided to place all the missions in sc-missions.mix after all. I also went ahead and updated flame dancers set 1 and the Deadly War, because there were some glaring errors. The first glaring error was with the custom tutorial files not working, and the second error was with both campaigns having a mission that was supposed to carry over but did not (you already knew this, but I went ahead and fixed it). I also updated the briefing screens for all missions in both campaigns to make them look more cohesive. I will post again when I am complete (shouldn't be more than a week max). In the meantime, if volunteers could make a post here, that would be great.
  10. Hmm, I think the solution might be to just include an optional "Expand5.mix" file that replaces antdie.shp and antdie.aud with generic explosions & sounds. People can swap this file out if they want to play the Ant missions. Otherwise, for people who are playing the Mega Compilation, they can leave the file in the Red Alert folder. I am also doing something similar with a file that replaces the ore with Tiberium... By the way, is there any filename that has a higher priority than Expand.mix? I know that sc-xxxx has a lower priority. Are there any other file names I can use?
  11. Thanks Allen, I think the bug cannot be fixed. You may be right about it being some sort of techlevel bug. I don't think the game wants to show an icon no matter what, even if I revert the MCV to the default. Btw, I am not sure if you have been following the other threads or not, but maybe you can help with another bug. In a lot of custom campaigns, the ants are replaced with new units. However, the death animation and death sound is still the ant death. For example, when a flame tank replacing [Ant1] is killed in-game, it shows the Ant death animation. I noticed there is a file called "antdie.shp" and "antdie.aud" in Expand2.mix, but I am not sure if it's possible to replace these files only for specific missions. Is there any way to hack the .exe to stop this bug from happening? My Mega compilation is using it's own exe file called RA95_sp.exe, so it does not conflict with online play.
  12. Does anyone know how to change the build icon for the fake construction yard? In a mission I am converting using Funky's mission converter, it uses the C&C1 MCV instead of the RA1 MCV, and the fake construction yard icon is not appearing. I tried many different combinations, but no matter what I do - the icon is still blank. Here is what I have in the mission file: [FACF] Image=FACT Owner=allies TechLevel=-1 Strength=30 Cost=50 Sight=4 Power=-2 Points=15 Bib=yes Capturable=true BaseNormal=no I then placed the official "facticon.shp" file in the folder (fact.shp is already in there), but with no luck. I also tried changing image=facf instead, and placed a file called facf.shp and facficon.shp to the folder, but this did not work either. No matter what I seem to do, the build icon for the fake const. yard is blank. I attached the campaign in question to this post. Mission #2: Glacial Mountains allows you to build a fake const. yard if anyone wants to test it (you have to drive the MCV past the flame tower in order to start a base in that mission).
  13. I have resolved just about every other bug with the Mega Compilation, but this one still remains. I recently took a lot of time to convert "In the Line of Fire", a big C&C-style mod that I had to do a lot of work with. This pack is all original content (no ripped maps), and the game play is actually really good. However, it has this stupid Ant death animation bug... I wonder if anyone out there knows how to fix this? I have attached the Ra95_SP.exe file the mega compilation uses, in case anyone wants to take a look at it and resolve this bug (I don't know if it actually is related to the .exe or not). The compilation uses its own .exe file, so modifying it will not cause any conflicts for people who play online.
  14. Thinking about it some more, I might not use sc-missions.mix, just so people don't get a prompt asking them to overwrite files. They might think there will be a compatibility issue doing this. Maybe I will name the file sc-megac.mix or something. Do you have the updated flame dancers set 1 files? I don't know how the file priority works, but maybe if I include the updated stuff in "megac.mix" it will successfully take priority over sc-flamedancers.mix? That way, there are no prompts to overwrite files. I won't include a new rules.ini. What I might attempt to do is revert some of the new sounds to official sounds, since having C&C1 sounds are not exactly mandatory.
  15. Hey Funky, I am almost done with the Mega Compilation, and am now deciding the best method of packaging it. Currently, I have over 100 sc-xxx.mix files in my Red Alert folder containing each mission and/or campaign, but I feel this makes the compilation look too "crowded" when it has over a hundred files in the ZIP archive (that might turn a few people away). I think it would be best to put all those mix files within a single mix file to make things more neat. I noticed that the "Deadly War" campaign is packaged in the file 'sc-missions.mix'. Would it cause any conflicts or problems if I placed all the new missions in this mix file? This would update/overwrite the one that comes with the RA1Installer of course. Also, can I update the sc-flamedancers.mix file? If I am correct, there is a problem with one of the missions not carrying units over that I can fix with the mega compilation. Finally, there are a few heavily modded campaigns I am considering including with this compilation, but they have new sound files. I have confirmed that the sound files don't have to overwrite other files if I add new sound effects to rules.ini (in the [SoundEffects] category). Would this cause any conflicts if I overwrite rules.ini that comes with the RA1Installer? If so, then I will not include these campaigns or a rules.ini (so far there isn't one).