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  1. New to the forum scenario but well acquainted to the franchise and recently this place's Discord server. For the past months I've heard about this place I've never got around to figure who were the ones behind the scenes, and now that I did in such circumstances, it's sad to see that you're moving on. However, at the same time it reminds us that nothing is set in stone, and while it is sad that you are going, you have left quite a mark on this place. I am very appreciative of your gesture on the development and maintenance of the whole ordeal, and I believe I speak for those that use it frequently that we trust in your decision on handing it over to a new administration. Been mostly supporting through word of mouth given current impossibility to do so monetarily, However, you have my thanks for providing such a mean of entertainment to the public. Best of luck on your future endeavors, Hifi.
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