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  1. Thank you he was a wonderful man and friend to all please pass this on to the other players I heard him mention names like Ferret and Acromic white I think? Luvhandles, Pence.. there was a bunch.
  2. Hello CNC community.. I come to you heavy hearted. My name is Jess and i am BluySY wife.. Friday morning on his way to work John passed away in a car accident. I know how much he loved these games and this community, he talked of all of you as friends. I know he was a dedicated player and that you guys might wonder where he's been. So I'm here filling you in. CNC was as he said "The most important thing in his life... after me of course" lol He was so proud of his maps and tournaments. I'm glad that they will live on. He loved this game, it was his escape from this hard world. And I thank you all for giving him that. Keep this place alive and strong.. he would want that. 💙 Jess.
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