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  1. I have the mod installed but I do not know how to find the map editor
  2. I'm trying to install this patch to play campaign missions in the mental omega, but it tells me that the old file was not found however a file of the same name was found I have already downloaded from two different sites but this error warning still appears.
  3. EDIT: LOL I'm an idiot 😂, I forgot to change the extension to "map" !, now this worked, thank you guys!
  4. So it is necessary to find the first mission with map extension, but I did not find
  5. Yes, but I just found two files named as "ALL01T.sav" and "ALL01UMD.sav", are these?
  6. What do you need to know exactly? and through Cncnet server? is playable? maybe I should set it to cooperative mode
  7. But there are two MCV's on this map, one for the Allies and one for the Soviets (AI), I just do not understand exactly what you meant by "spawn point defined", you mean the "Player Locations" or "Waypoints"?
  8. I put an MCV in place of one of the three bases with Construction Yard of AI's, but it still requires another player. EDIT: hm... I was thinking, this error can occur because the program runs for Red Alert2 and not Yuri Revenge?
  9. A few days ago I'm working on a map that simulates a campaign mission, but at the time I'm going to play it through Skirmish, it warns me that a player is missing, that player would be the AI, how should I configure it? The game does not start with just one player ...
  10. lol I was lazy to look for it, it seems so obvious, thank you anyway.
  11. a simple question and forgive me if there is a topic for that. I can not find roads or streets to put on my map, I would like to do something like the missions in the city, but I can not find them in the categories, can someone tell me where? I swear I checked carefully and did not find
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