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  1. It's the one of them I used,, however I thank you for your kindness. + Even though I couldn't be satisfied perfectly, but I'm satisfied to some extent. At now I'm enjoying TS-FS (vs AI) as I'd have done ago, and there's some of make me satisfied ! - 1. This game file doesn't occur errors frequently as like the game file I used a long ago, although I'm playing with modifying many things, as like I had done ago. (Of course, the error I reported above was occured without game file modify.) 2. I'm glad to the new game file system has more advantages than older game file I used ago. - ex: stable windowed mode, various HQ resolution, options for faster game speed than older. #. Sure I would've been happier if I could use online play. However, for now almost I gave up solving the problem, sadly. But Anyway, I think I should thank for you guys for sharing good game files. It gives me FUN and makes good memories being kept. I hope that TS gamers will thrive more, and have a fun.
  2. 1. Not at all. A long ago, I didn't even try to play TS Online. (Because I hadn't capability for handling programs or foreign language more than now.) But I played TS/FS countless ago this computer. (with fun of self-retouched rules. Of course, except it for now.) 2. Yes, I checked it after see your question. 3. I don't understand what it means. Does it means "disable edge scrolling"? 4. Any-resolution maybe. It occured error on various settings. On first time, it was default (800x600) and not Windowed Mode. And, I changed the options a few ways and tried to play. 1280x760 , 1600x900 , and anything else I couldn't remember. (Include On/Off WM) My Tiberian Sun works right on only "Game.exe" file. 5. Yeah, it's 1600x900. But it doesn't work on that settings, too. 6. I updated graphic card driver a minutes ago, but it keeps occuring error. 7. By CnCNet Launcher, it doesn't work on any setting. Only by "Game.exe", game works right. (Sure it's not perfect satisfying me..) 1
  3. yeah, I did. When I first ran the "Game.exe" after install TS, I wasn't able to play game or see screen even through "Game.exe" file. So I changed the renderer options to "Automatic(=>DDrawcompat)" from "ddwrapper", after then, I've been able to play basic by the "Game.exe" file, but the CnCNet Launcher has kept failing.. What's the cause of the problem? I noticed additionally the time occurs error is when loading script "Creating theories on likely enemy plan..." And also used the debugger even though I'm not good at programming, I found something has matter within a phrase like this- "~ ntdll ~", I'll attatch screenshot below. So I searched some ideas about that, and I tried a few ways are related with "ntdll", things seemed helpful to solve this problem, but it was also useless. I'm getting sad more and more - I think I should give it up. I failed every time I tried in various ways. T_T
  4. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/5785-main-executable-for-command-amp-conquer-tiberian-sun-has-stopped-working/?tab=comments#comment-46754 Above both of image and link are uploaded by other user. (I tried to capture the moment on my error case occured, it hadn't been copied..) And I have a very similar problem like that. Error message is all same with it. But I couldn't even see a battleground or UI screen, not same like above image. In my case, the error occurs on the almost end phase of loading progress. If I run the "Game.exe" file in the folder CnC installed, I can play CnC TS/FS but only by campaign or skirmish. I tried some ways, reinstalled by each other installers, and changed some of configures, and also rebooted and ran only the programs related with CnC, except other programs. But the symptoms were not changed. Why so problem like this bothering me ? T_T I wonder why it occurs and how to solve it. I'll appreciate for all your kindness and effort and helpful tips. <3 (+. My Spec is : OS is Windows 7 - 64bit , CPU is i3-2100 , 10GB RAM , NVIDIA GeForce GFX 660 ) (+ I succeeded in capturing it ! Although several phrases are in Korean, but it means same thing.)
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