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  1. It's not about winning or losing. It's about having a nice time playing. Invite Mike Tyson to a boxing match with you. He can KO you with one punch, it would stroke his ego and you would get absolutely nothing out of it. Most people are never nice, they don't have a shred of friendliness to offer. They don't help you learn the game, even if they're on the same team. They just go "LOL NOOB YOU SUCK". Things only get worse when your teammates are children and/or can't even speak english. Just like CSGO I put a lot of time into it, and I'm just sick of the shitty toxic attitude. Maybe I'm getting too old, or the entire gaming community turned caustic as fuck. I just had another violent meltdown and I'm uninstalling the game. Thanks to the devs for all the work, because CnCnet really opened up possibilities.
  2. I've been surfing the internet for 20 years and I've seen things get progressively worse. I learn nothing from it. Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit. I can play online games for 2-3 hours and absolutely get ZERO enjoyment from it. Most people don't even try to be anything like nice. Everybody can be an asshole all the time and it seems like it's completely OK. Not the majority, but it adds up to the constant frustration and worthless games. People quitting with 30 seconds or not connecting, people who don't speak English or don't know how to ally. That's fine. It's just very boring against people you have no chance against. A lot of people have no concept of a fair game both sides can enjoy. People don't even give useful advise.
  3. The community seems to be full of troll players. After a while I start to learn the people to never play with: they always play the same maps, alone or with a friend, and perfect their skills of lame baserushing you and ruining your game. They rush you with engineers, seals, rockies or whatever. Just now I played a game that was supposed to be FFA, but 2 Korea players constantly kept swarming me with jets. Nice teamwork. Do you think it's a legit tactic to ruin somebody's match from the beginning like that? Along with the people who don't speak English, don't know how to ally ingame, lag or never connect, it makes the overwhelming majority of matches a massive waste of time.
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