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  1. Latest version (06) of the map looks like this: preciousgulag_06 .map
  2. Map update v03, everything work fine now, thank you for the heads up Still not happy with the lighting though. I would like the map to be night dark dark and I can't seem to find the illuminating light posts again. preciousgulag_03.map
  3. It appears my version of Final alert 2 does not have "Lighting" options among some others. How can I activate this? I am able to run the nigh light script but this seems to have no effect, even after render. Thank you in advance.
  4. ** Anyone wondering it's under "standard" not "duel" tab in game room. 1: Can I view the light / ambient situation on the terrain without rendering a preview map? 2: Why am I not able to find my map in the game room? I believe to have followed all the steps - the map looks fine in framework view and when checking the map it just says you need Yuris Revenge, I changed the file to .map and it is located in the "custom" folder. Where did I go wrong lol? preciousgulag.map
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