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  1. It works now. Thanks a lot.
  2. Im looking for uncrushable sandbags yes, like in the first allied campaign in New York. But I don't necessary need them too be buildable for the player or the computer. But I guess you have too edit the map file or something and cant do it in the editor.
  3. Im doing it but it still don't work. The sandbags still belongs too the neutral player. But it works on buildings but just not the sandbags and walls.
  4. For some reason I don't get it too work. Could you maybe give me a step by step guide on how too do it. Would be much appreciated.
  5. Okey thanks for your answer. But any idea how too do for singleplayer?
  6. Does anyone know how to make the sandbags on your side in game. For example vehicles won't drive over them etc. Thanks.
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