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  1. SpecOps Hollywood [4pFFA/2v2] is a lightly scripted/modded version of the Hollywood map from the second Allied mission from Yuri's Revenge; it features a new gamemode, SpecOps, made by CnCplayer and Talafhah1. You control an elite special operations team tasked with eliminating enemy players. Use enginers to capture buildings to recruit more units. This map requires a minimum of four players, Yuri's Revenge, and disabling "Short Game" to be played. (10,000 credit start is recommended, but any other settings combination works). List of gameplay changes: 1. No MCV spawn; instead, players spawn in with a Navy SEAL, Sniper, Flak Troopers, and Engineers. 2. Grinders are now capturible to permit creation of Yuri MCVs. 3. LAX no longer acts as a "bunker building" and capturing it with an engineer gives Cosmonaut tech and a power-indipendet radar. 4. PSI Commandos can no longer be obtained via stealing Yuri Tech; they are now obtained by capturing a Psychic Beacon. The .zip file available below contains the .map file and a .png render of the map. Here is a YouTube video by tkragon showing gameplay of the map. We are working on improving this gamemode, so any feedback or suggestions are welcome. We are also working on an eight player version of this gamemode with a truly new custom map and further modified ruleset; stay tuned! SpecOps Hollywood.zip
  2. Please add a way to play the campaign mode from CnCNet (both default and custom). Also, having the ability to play as "Random Allied" or "Random Soviet" in skirmish and multiplayer would be nice.
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