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  1. OK, that seems to have fixed the problem, thank you very much. The game is now working, but it's running very fast, with the units zipping around the map at high speed. Does there exist a cure for this?
  2. I downloaded the two files you kindly linked above, and the install went OK. I was able to run the config util with no problems. But when I try to run the game, I get a memory error with the address consisting of all zeroes. I am running Win10/64. Is the problem because I have a 64-bit OS? I bought C&C back in like 1994, when it was new, and loved it so much I bought a second copy for a friend so we could play. I have such fond memories of this game. I own C&C 3 and RA 3 on Steam, but they are too fast-paced and I just can't keep up. The campaigns are sadly unplayable for me after the first couple scenarios. Thanks for all your hard work on this project.
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