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  1. hisoka

    tiny figures

    open RA2.ini and RA2MD.ini and edit video text to [Video] VideoBackBuffer=no AllowHiResModes=yes AllowVRAMSidebar=no ScreenWidth=1920 ScreenHeight=1000 StretchMovies=no Put your preferred resolution to ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight values. If you mean and talk about windowed mode , you can change it by opening ddraw.ini file and changing windowed=true and border=true.
  2. thx for your answer ,, i will check this mod 😍
  3. hi guys , how are u ? excuse me because i dont talk english good ,, my friend from the long time ago i was play red alert 2 with mod (i forget name and i lost it) this mod have new unit same (suicide cows and crocodile and Giant ants and super laser building >>> and more add on) please some one know this mod and tell me what name this mod or give me link ,,, thanks u
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