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  1. i think ive butched something together that will work, i piggy backed trigs to effect each multi respectively. seems like the game was designed for 1v1. if trigs had 8 actions available for one event the multiplayer gaming experience would go through the roof
  2. would an admin be so kind as to move this post to map modding please.
  3. alright i got the caputre and build figured out, but i got no idea what do do about if the ussr building is destroyed by say team A (multi 1,3,5,7) how do i make so they are the only ones to recieve reinforcements? would action:force trig be the way to go? so it actvites EACH team type multi reinforcement? multi1,multi3,multi5,multi7 ?
  4. Hey there, need some help with adding some function too map ive been working on. when team A ( 1,3,5,7) or team B (0,2,4,6) destroy a given ussr building (lab) a portion of the map is revealed, where a given number of warfactorys are created or given to each memeber of that team. if i apply the same idea to refineries is there something particular i have to do for harvester trigger? Kinds regards Skoda
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