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  1. So I tried all night to get Tiberian Dawn Redux to work on my pc. I'm running windows 10 and the mod would work only one time and if I chose to have the mod start after installing it. I could play for hours and have no problems. But as soon as I closed the mod and tried to open it again, only generals would open, No matter what I did. I made sure the mod was installed in the right Directory, uninstalled and reinstall with the installer running as admin. No difference would work one time and then stop. So I tried to run the mod launcher as admin, wouldn't run just close as soon as it opened. only way I could get it to run as admin was to use the command prompt and I noticed when using the command prompt it would show it was getting a error, the error was that the launcher couldn't find generals.exe . That didn't make any since I verified generals.exe was in the Directory and worked . It was also set to run as admin and windows xp sp2 . I also noticed if I used the quick launcher it would look for the mod files and then say access denied and then just open generals. It would also give the access denied error in the command prompt some times but most of the time give the can not find generals.exe. So at this point I was about to give up, I even tried to have the redux launcher try to force the mod to run, nothing. I even made sure the mod files were where they were supposed to be and they were. then I found you can down load the mod with out the installer and launcher, it just over rights generals tried it and bam it now works. Not sure if this is a bug or windows 10 not allowing the mod to access the files it needs or what. This is what I used https://www.moddb.com/downloads/cc-tiberian-dawn-redux-v144-no-launcher Hopefully this will help someone out.
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