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  1. Thank you for this. I can't remember the all the stuff near 20 years ago. https://web.archive.org/web/20040415011935/http://www.apaxteam.net/news.php This is the OG x210 Yes I have made several trainers and relays. I did get my best trainer for Donutman. Relays as we called them back in the day I got help from Adam. I once was exposed on one of my relays that had admin features. I wish I still had the source code to them all. I made other things like serial number generator versifier where you can have a text of tons of serial numbers and the bots will ID if they are valid or banned. Another was the brute force cracker for accounts. Non of thos where really release to the public. I had a project I almost released was Child mode. Which took the game from full screen mode to windowed mode and there was a over lay to select what cheat you wanted. I have got it working at a alpha level but failed I cant remember. I had one last project you many have heard of but never seen want the GOD relay. That program was the smartest then I done. The god relay had everything you need! but even if you downloaded it, it required a key that was encrypted and generated from your personal hardware. Being 20 years later and I no longer have the source code any one what has it I am sorry. - x210 Now know as pwnjuice
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