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  1. do you know who removed it and whether they have intentions of adding it back?
  2. Never been a problem before with previous patches. I see this Yes it's windowed mode but wasn't an issue before, and I get glitches in full screen mode now too. Please help.
  3. I agree with this. I can tolerate but I do not like his "shit edits". What i can not tolerate is the retarded crashes. Why don't people stop hosting his shitty maps then and let's go back to the origionals?
  4. never been a poblem before, help?
  5. You're right! it has so many crashes, so now I feel better that the map is just poorly made instead of someone's connections
  6. A lot of the survival maps seem to use the same mod, but despite how hard I try to google it, I just can't seem to find any information on the mod. It has things like, Laser tanks going below ground, elite flak troopers/grand cannon shooting nukes, volkswagon, mindblower, giant squid, testa troopers garrisoned in bunkers, etc etc...
  7. Jeb

    Help please

    Disappointing answer, anyone else?
  8. Jeb

    Help please

    When I get too many units on the map, I can't select air units. Not with clicking, not with dragging a box. I can only select land units. This is obviously a glitch/bug. I'd like to know how I can deal with this. If there is no solution, I'd like to ask the devs to fix this bug. Thanks
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