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  1. Remasters is expensive or me for many reasons but the one I'm really mad about is that I am locked out of PayPal and I cant reset my password because I cant complete both verification options. I can do my email but the phone I had put is no longer in use and due to the coronavirus pandemic I am unable to get in touch with anyone at PayPal.

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  2. One glitch that is TD specific is the wall glitch. Very, very few people know about this glitch so it is why I'm gonna let you guys try to figure it out for yourselves :). Feel free to message me if you think you have found it out and how to do it and be sure to show some form of evidence. Don't think EA knew about this glitch and I don't even think Westwood knew about this glitch either. Either way, still needs to be a bug/glitch (whatever you wanna call it) that forever remains because its impossible to for it to do bad things unintentionally. You have to manually do the actions necessary in order for this to work. Cheers!

  3. I got a bunch of brand new corrupted files somehow added in my red alert online folder yesterday evening. All the new folders were empty but had funky names and non existent file extensions, the files were totaled to be 76.4 GB in total but they appeared to have taken up no space and my red alert online folder is on a USB and the USB storage capacity is 32 GB yet the files were 76.4 GB. I ended up copied all the real folders and files to a different location on a different USB but when I tried to play the game it said the following in the video I have provided. I really need help at least restoring all my progress such as my saved maps in folders, custom, favorites etc. I really don't want to have to restart from scratch because if I do it would 6 months of extremely hard work that would be all lost :(. I also need a way to keep the friends I have added on cncnet so I don't have to go searching for their names and hope to find them through search or hope I can remember them and/or recognize their names when they are online. Plz help me as I was on the verge of crying last night because I thought all my work would have been lost.

    Plz reply if you view this that way I know that people are actually paying attention or are not just reading then ignoring. 

  4. Im uploading a video to youtube to show a cheating player on cncnet. the video size is too big to put in this post but ill put a link to the video once its finished uploading. Please please please ban him.

    His name is Andreas

  5. On 10/17/2013 at 3:47 PM, FunkyFr3sh said:

    it's an online game, and there is no working server for it which means its not possible to play it

    it is possible to play offline though just with al players and there is even a playlist of just that on YouTube right now.

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  6. aftermath is automatically enabled when you skirmish, at least it is when you use the ra95, ra95p, ra95SP and all the other exe applications that doesn't require cncnet to launch one of the applications. Could you post a picture or something because that could really help us to determine the issue and fix it. 

  7. When I try to play red dawn 2014 I can open up the launcher but the actual game never loads. Neither does the ra-spawn applications that came with it. I really need help because I haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet and I really want to. 

  8. 30 minutes ago, Nyerguds said:

    hehe, no prob.

    The typo actually has a funny history; the Westwood people took the name from the Jurassic Park movie, where it's seen on a vial of Stegosaurus DNA. With that misspelling. They looked up the dinosaur and put it in the game, but never noticed that the name they got from the movie was misspelled.

    And that typo survived into Sole Survivor, where they made the icons for them because they were playable units there.

    oh lol that is funny. ok thank you so much for the clarification.

  9. On 5/13/2020 at 11:01 AM, Nyerguds said:

    I think you forgot a few things...

    Like, the fact these icons come from Sole Survivor. And file extensions for the shp files. And a colour palette; took me a while to figure that out, but, I'm honestly not sure why this is posted in the TD section if it uses the RA palette.

    Also, it's "stegosaurus", not "stegasaurus" ;)

    btw, for TD-paletted versions of these icons, and the "Stegasaurus" typo fixed, there's a pack I uploaded here some time ago:


    Hey man, it's a real honor to chat with you for my first time. I never knew that the icons originally came from sole survivor. When I downloaded TibEd it had the dino icons in the program so I thought there was already some icons available for them. Thx for the spelling correction too btw. I practically had no idea what palettes really were before I started using os build. But thx for the response. It was an honor speaking to you after more than a decade of using the C&C you provided after my original GDI and NOD discs were never found. Stay safe from COVID19 as well.

  10. On 12/17/2019 at 11:42 AM, FekLeyrTarg said:

    You can play it right now. Just head for the GitHub page and follow the instructions there.

    I've played a few rounds and it's a whole lot of fast-paced fun. My favorite mode is Capture the Flag. :)

    And here's a new video:



    (On a side note: A Sole Survivor mode for the upcoming Remasters would be nice.)

    followed all the instructions but it never worked

  11. SS Nick Email Address ICQ
    A007dan [email protected] 14491437
    bakjak [email protected] 1411627
    Barbarain [email protected] 650979
    BJ9 [email protected] 7528536
    crayz94 [email protected] 10580986
    destroyr2 [email protected]
    [email protected]
    FaustAC [email protected] 6566258
    FingerSS [email protected] 6991393
    Genericus [email protected] 3060800
    JerryJ [email protected] 12009917
    KaiMaster [email protected] 169684
    KICdaBABY [email protected]
    [email protected]
    KingZeus [email protected] 3253182
    Opus512 [email protected]
    [email protected]
    pitaq [email protected] 7759200
    Ricstr [email protected] 5992777
    rojak [email protected] 1111966
    Rutaker [email protected] 18012224
    Scrubsz [email protected] 2351810
    Sunflight [email protected] 20068152
    Torsiello [email protected] 4692772
    virta [email protected] 4211715






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  12. I have only ever seen this bug that you talked about when I had my customized skirmishes and it was also only with the infantry. What I have discovered to be the problem (in my case at least) is that the hit points of the infantry type that is the problem is set too high. 30000 hit points is the max an infantry unit can have based on my testing.

  13. For a very long time I have wanted to make either a survival endless mission or survival endless multiplayer map/mission. I have basically just starting using the red alert folder on a different USB I had saved it on which had not been edited by me for about 3 months. I've been trying really hard to make a survival endless mod with having elements from similar different defense missions but wanting to combine them all together. To beat the level I was thinking of having a series of tasks that are to be completed potentially in order or random. I have studied very intensely all defense maps from the defense folder for the maps that are used in skirmish on cncnet or multiplayer on cncnet. I have just not been able to recreate anything as practice to teach myself to make a defense map and I am unable to find any tutorial on how to make a simple defense mission. Wondering if anyone would be able to assist me in my project because if I can formulate it correctly and actually build something exceptional, I was maybe thinking it could be added to the cncnet multiplayer maps for everyone to try and see how long people can survive for.


    I have fiddled around with this practice map I  made awhile back and need some opinion from some of the players who made the zombies, ant and other kinds of defense missions for cncnet.

    Stay safe from COVID19


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