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  1. Remasters is expensive or me for many reasons but the one I'm really mad about is that I am locked out of PayPal and I cant reset my password because I cant complete both verification options. I can do my email but the phone I had put is no longer in use and due to the coronavirus pandemic I am unable to get in touch with anyone at PayPal.
  2. ooooooooooooo I actually never knew about that one but its a different glitch I was talking about.
  3. One glitch that is TD specific is the wall glitch. Very, very few people know about this glitch so it is why I'm gonna let you guys try to figure it out for yourselves :). Feel free to message me if you think you have found it out and how to do it and be sure to show some form of evidence. Don't think EA knew about this glitch and I don't even think Westwood knew about this glitch either. Either way, still needs to be a bug/glitch (whatever you wanna call it) that forever remains because its impossible to for it to do bad things unintentionally. You have to manually do the actions necessary in order for this to work. Cheers!
  4. I really like your guess and I can totally see that as a reason.
  5. I got a crash in a blank map with infinite ore areas. No triggers, no team types, nothing for a certain kind of scenario. Just a blank cave map. ra95crash.dmp
  6. I got a bunch of brand new corrupted files somehow added in my red alert online folder yesterday evening. All the new folders were empty but had funky names and non existent file extensions, the files were totaled to be 76.4 GB in total but they appeared to have taken up no space and my red alert online folder is on a USB and the USB storage capacity is 32 GB yet the files were 76.4 GB. I ended up copied all the real folders and files to a different location on a different USB but when I tried to play the game it said the following in the video I have provided. I really need help at least restoring all my progress such as my saved maps in folders, custom, favorites etc. I really don't want to have to restart from scratch because if I do it would 6 months of extremely hard work that would be all lost :(. I also need a way to keep the friends I have added on cncnet so I don't have to go searching for their names and hope to find them through search or hope I can remember them and/or recognize their names when they are online. Plz help me as I was on the verge of crying last night because I thought all my work would have been lost. Red Alert Launcher 2020-06-04 16-03-26.mp4 Plz reply if you view this that way I know that people are actually paying attention or are not just reading then ignoring.
  7. Im uploading a video to youtube to show a cheating player on cncnet. the video size is too big to put in this post but ill put a link to the video once its finished uploading. Please please please ban him. His name is Andreas
  8. it is possible to play offline though just with al players and there is even a playlist of just that on YouTube right now.
  9. Wondering if there is a specific place I can find a trigger tutorial so I can improve my survival endless maps.
  10. aftermath is automatically enabled when you skirmish, at least it is when you use the ra95, ra95p, ra95SP and all the other exe applications that doesn't require cncnet to launch one of the applications. Could you post a picture or something because that could really help us to determine the issue and fix it.
  11. So does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. When I try to play red dawn 2014 I can open up the launcher but the actual game never loads. Neither does the ra-spawn applications that came with it. I really need help because I haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet and I really want to.
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