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  1. I know exactly what your talking about and this isn't the only game it happens to. It also happened to me back when I was playing Tiberium Dawn in full screen. So maybe not playing in full screen should help but if not then idk what to tell you.
  2. One thing that I hate is that the Al's units and infantry always get cramped and crowded into their own base and I always end up having to chronoshift their units to get that team playing some more.
  3. I don't know if this is the correct place to put this but idk where else to post this. I've recently finished my customized unit for my red alert 1 skirmishing experiments and its been done for awhile now, however, the problem is, is that I cannot get any of the Al's I'm battling against to built it. the time it has appeared is in the custom missions when the original unit is already there. Here is what I have for my custom unit: [GNRL] Image=RMBO Name=Commando Prerequisite=none Primary=Sniper Secondary=Sniper Strength=30000 Armor=concrete TechLevel=1 Sight=10 Speed=8 Owner=allies,soviet Cost=0 Points=25 SelfHealing=yes Burst=5 Crushable=no DoubleOwned=yes Keep in mind that this is the code I have put in not only for the original rules.ini file, but also the spawn.xdp or whatever its called (I forgot), the spawnam.xdp and the aftermath.ini file. No matter what I try I end up being the only one that can manufacture this customized unit. It was fun using for the impossible missions but I need to have the computer players to be able to build it. Also, if your wondering why on earth I would customize my unit like I did, its because I have changed the recharge time for the paratrooper to 0.001, resulting in the Al's being able to send out a constant infinite supply of these at an instant pace until their airfield(s) are destroyed. I wasn't able to put the 2 xdp files because they were not a supported file type to post and I cant change it to an ini file temporarily for some reason. If nobody can figure it out its fine but I just wanted to see if anyone knew how to do it. rules.ini aftrmath.ini
  4. Part of me is a bit sad that Tiberium is not real but part of me is also a bit glad that Tiberium is not real.

  5. What did he even do in the first place? Was he cheating or something because I'm pretty confused.
  6. That's strange because the Al i always play against constantly makes aircraft for airstrip, helicopters for helipads and when I'm playing on maps with lots of water, also naval yards and/or sub pens.
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